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Sudden base rot
A well rooted plant can rot spontaneously if the pot is overheated in wet conditions. Roots can clog up the drainage ports of a container, allowing water to pool up. This will drown roots which rot and can spread to the column.

� Up-pot plants to large containers.
� Use a 50% perlite/soil mix for good drainage.
� Water thoroughly, then allow the soil to dry out before watering again (never keep them always wet & soggy)
� Black pots in full sun can overheat-damaging roots wrapped around inside. If soggy it can cook the roots.

(right) Click to see how cat Angels can protect your plants

Rooted plant. Pot too wet.

California Central Valley is hot in the summer; we had a 105 degree heat wave day after day. Pot exposed in full sun with 30% shade net, but all day exposure.

Roots growing out through the drain ports onto the table clogged them. Water backed up.

Blocked drainage + soggy + heat wave = rot

Hey, this can be saved!
Time for surgery. Get a sharp, clean knife. Cut well above the rot.

Look at the cut--if there is anything other than pure white flesh cut again higher up.

Close up photo

More about rooting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rooting
Rooting hormone is a big help
Clonex is not cheap but works better than anything I've ever tried.

Paint on and let dry. I mean let the entire cutting rest for a couple of weeks in warm, dry weather. The cut end has to be healed before you set it in potting soil.



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