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Dustball stars in "Repotting the big boys"
Do you know how to mix up a batch of cactus potting soil? Here is one way that may inspire you.
• Scroll down for repotting second year Peruviananus

• How to mix potting soil from store bought material

• How to repot a root bound cutting into a larger pot

Repotting mistakes & yard waste compost. Oh, no!
Time to get to work

Hey, Dustball! Lets see what needs to be done today.

OK girl, I'm following you.
Good jump Dustball!

I think the camera got it.
Checking the seedlings
Yeah, you're right. We should check the seedlings. Those little pinto bean size Peruvianus need to be nursed gently and gradually into the light.

They look fine under the table facing East through 30% shade cloth�so they don't get the long, hot, afternoon sun.

I see you've been keeping your cat eye on them Dustball. That's a good girl. Thank you.
Younglings will turn red/purple when there is too much light. That's natures way of saying "Whoa! Too bright for little me!"
Hey! You guys look great.

Bottom trays are too young for direct sun. Upper trays are a year older and have been acclimated to more sunlight.
Oh, you guys are so good!
I love you.
Hey there top shelf! You Macrogonus guys are almost old enough to go up for sale.

Maybe this fall some of you will leave home to live with new owners. Think it over, OK?
Repotting Peruvianus

Hey, don't worry now. Dustball and I are here to repot you. Who wants to be first?
Let's get that tight pot off of you.

A couple of whacks should do it.
Nice roots you got there! I'm jealous.

Let me brush off the old soil...ease the roots out of a tight circular bind.

There you go!
Okey Dokey...a 4 gallon pot should be about right.

Let's part fill it...tamp down the soil a bit to tighten the bottom layer. That will prevent it from "hour glassing" out the drainage holes around the side.
Soil dumping time!

Here comes your new home of dirt.

Fill, shake to settle.

Take a section of 2x4 to tamp down the soil so its firm.
You're looking good now! How's that Mr. Peruvianus?

Yes, I love you too Dustball.

Work is always more fun when you keep me company.

Oh, gee, guys! You're welcome. My pleasure to help you grow.

Hey! Who wants to move outside to the field?
Don't you all look handsome!

How could I ever sell you?
Not done yet?!

Hey, Dustball�I need a cup of coffee. But you're right. We need to give these little ones deeper pots with fresh soil for 2008.

I'll be back in a few...


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