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Peruvian Clones (PC) & Perfect Clones of San Pedro cactus
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Real San Pedro on the cover of this book by Mr. Trout.  He has documented for you exactly what San Pedro looks like.
  san pedro book cover
(above & below) The San Pedro Peruvian Clone "PC", prior to Trout perpetrating the pachanonsense when pachanoia precipitated his pachanot problem.
san pedro cactus San Pedro was San Pedro back then, and it is still San Pedro today. I've been propagating this authentic Cactus Kate strain of Trichocereus pachanoi since 1987. Kate was proud to tell people that a botanist brought the original cutting back from Peru in the 1960s.

(left)br>What is Trout so confused about? This is San Pedro. Has been for thousands of years. Just look at what the stone carving guy is holding in his hand.

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