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For example: (Email) "I'd like 10 lbs San Pedro and 4 lbs bridgesii" Include: Your name & shipping address

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We'll email back what the total $cost will be. You are welcome to request special combinations, additional cuttings, etc. We'll help you get what you want.

How to pay?

This part was an eye opener for me. Logon to your online banking and select the (Payments &) TRANSFERS option. You can figure out the steps from there.

Bank Transfer

Follow the steps your bank provides...

These images are from my bank

You should be able to follow a similar procedure at your own online banking...

A regular bank transfer

A simple transfer is inexpensive ($.99 at Western Union). ACH is Automated Clearing House - the banking industry method to settle checks, transfer money.

Wire transfers are fast- for when there's an emergency. Otherwise save your money. One customer paid $35 and another paid $30. Stick with regular $3 transfers. Or, Western Union offers $.99 per $100 bank transfers.

Now for Routing #s

Routing numbers are sort of like the email address of a bank account. Mine is provided below. Type carefully, please. Don't send money to the wrong bank.

Enter my bank's routing number.

You need this info:

I feel naked letting the Intenet see this. Oh, well!

Use your credit card? Western Union sells transfers

Western Union (WU) offers regular bank transfers are $.99 per $100. You may buy one online with your debit card — faster and much more convenient than "buy a money order and mail it" method.

Western Union has options:

UPS Ground shipping

UPS estimated shipping time —from Central California to your region. Weather can cause delays, plus an extra day for remote locations.

UPS is highly reliable —the best shipping choice. Create a "My UPS" account to control delivery times and location. UPS cannot deliver to a Post Office box. UPS will email tracking, and updates.

NO USPS! Priority Mail "flat rate" boxes are too small for our large cuttings. The Post Office is too rough! Terrible service history... — We trust only UPS Ground.

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