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How we pack your cactus

No, the soil will NOT fall out!
I pack your cactus in the container with all soil.

I never ship bare root!
I love my plants and will only send them out into the world with all their soil held firmly by their little roots.

When your specimen arrives it will be happy to see light, to breathe fresh air and meet you. Just give it a drink of fresh, clean water. Place it in a safe place with afternoon shade.

Like a new puppy your plant will love you back.

How lazy people ship plants
Sure, it would be faster, easier and cheaper for me to rip the plant out of the soil that nourishes it, then roll it in an old newspaper. (eeek!)

You would then receive a so called "bare root" plant that would be in shock because it's roots are dead. You would have to obtain a container, soil and carefully nurse it back to life without rotting the damaged roots.

Bare root plants can take months to recover. They usually will not regain vigor and grow until the following season.

The soil stays put!
Tan tape is easy to see and easy to remove.
Careful packing to protect the tip, a diaper for the soil in the pot.
The protective corrugated tube.
Now it is really safe.
Looks good.
Literature is included
The Cacti Care guide is 2-pages about soil, watering, light, temperature, and re-potting advice.
FedEx Ground Home Delivery is skilled in, well, home delivery. They deliver Saturdays, evenings (I think) whatever it takes to get it to residential customers.

Can't be home? Leave a note authorizing a neighbor or manager to sign? Ship it to your work address?

Highly reliable, a promised 5-business day coast to coast delivery time is sometimes 6 days when there is a holiday.

Shipments leave the next business day after you pay.



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