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Progress report: This Spring season farmer Verne harvested over 900 huge cuttings, some with nasty 3" spines. � killed scores of venomous black widow spiders with sticks, stepping on them, or squishing them with his leather gloved hands  � fixed a 50 year old small tractor (had to buy a junk one on Craiglist for the transmission parts), then made a sled to tow dozens of 100 pound San Pedro tubs out to a new growing field  � rebuilt a "free" 25 year old rototiller (had to weld the frame, replace the ignition, source new bushings, and lap the valves) in order to till the rows between the specimens growing in the earth  � sort and move hundreds of specimens to various new locations  � screen & mix over 800 gallons of potting soil  � set up 900 cuttings in newly purchased nursery pots to root. Expenses: nursery pots � $550, plus $100 for perlite, $500 in mechanical parts & tools, $580 in Vet bills (wild animals bit & infected all 3 farm cats), $700 in shipping supplies.  And you thought I'm just sitting here rolling in money? Ha! I'm tired, sore, my hands are pincushions, and I'm broke. �Thank you. Verne    

Peruvian Torch seedling
 Seed grown Sacred Cactus

Three years ago I mailed cash to Peru for Peruvian Torch seeds. These are the real deal grown from that seed.

"The biggest, healthiest, most authentic Peruvian Sacred Cactus sold on the Internet. No pesticides, fungicides were ever used to raise these."

 2009 specimens are sold - please see 2010 page.

 2009 specimens are sold - please see 2010 page.

Wizard's arm San Pedro cuttings limited stock available

How to mix potting soil
Let the plant specialist cat Dustball show you her how to tutorial about breaking up the root ball to allow new growth. I whack at it with a bench brush, but you can use your fist and fingers to tear the roots free. More...

EEEK! Insects! Are they good or bad?
May, 2009
Those are good insects! Thousands of these are crawling over my plants inside the greenhouse. They are everywhere this time of year. Do you know what these little bugs are? More...
The myth of Butcher's Big Boy
May, 2009
There is this story about a meat cutter in San Francisco who liked cactus. One of his San Pedro grew big and fat so he called it his "Big Boy". That carnivore was named Mr. Butcher, so of course his fatty was called Butcher's Big Boy. Some say his name was spelled Buutcher, others Betcher.

Unfortunately there is no seed source known in Peru or Bolivia for this variety. That means Buutcher's Big Boy (BBB) must be a mongrel, a mutt, a cross breed/half breed, etc. More...

The 39 year failure of Earth Day
The first year of Earth Day was April 1970. Once upon a time we naively thought the planet could be saved if only we loved Mother Earth and picked up littering...

39 years later the earth's population has doubled, pollution is poisoning the oceans.
Global climate change is melting the polar ice caps... (full rant about Earth Day)

Thank you! I had no idea that Google Checkout had a "review" section. I just found it on April 2 - thank you so much for all the nice words.

� San Pedro & Peruvianus photo essays from 2008 �

Christmas tour Fastest growing Root check Cut off that tip! Rot! Oh no! Winter cuttings

Super growth


Josh San Pedro Compost soil Old woody Pup mania Comparisons Seedling house Packing

45 year old

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Planet Venus shining brightly over our farm (January, 2009)

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