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Beautiful, healthy, fully organic specimens ready to rocket in size during 2010. Merry Christmas!
Update April 2010
2009 rooted specimens are mostly sold out; I have some nice KK242 and Glaucus still in stock. The 2010 cuttings are now being harvested for sale as rooted plants this coming September.

Seed grown sacred cactus
� Peruvian Torch  � Wild Andes
Three years ago I mailed cash to Peru for Peruvian Torch & Bridgesii seeds. Two years ago I obtained seed collected in the wilds of the Andes mountains. These are the real deal grown from that seed.
Winter Shipping advice

Will my cactus freeze during shipment to me? 99% do not; but that is because my customers first check for sub-freezing temps across the nation at the US Weather Service. Ask for a shipping "Hold" if you see that Hell is freezing over...

  Specimens listed for September, 2009
Click here to see what is currently available. Minimum sale is $24.95 including shipping to 48 states (USA only). Google checkout is a wonderful invention that offers you standard, trustworthy credit card payments. You are fully protected; I'll pay return shipping for any unsatisfactory item then issue a full refund.

Pay today, ships next business day from California.
"WOW!! Excellent cacti, excellent packing, excellent service! You're the best!!!

"Super fast delivery, plants healthy & robust, magnificent specimens--awestruck!"

"Meticulous & proficient packaging--masterfully done! Stupendous transaction!"

How to mix potting soil
Let the plant specialist cat Dustball show you her how to tutorial about breaking up the root ball to allow new growth. I whack at it with a bench brush, but you can use your fist and fingers to tear the roots free. More...

EEEK! Insects! Are they good or bad?
May, 2009
Those are good insects! Thousands of these are crawling over my plants inside the greenhouse. They are everywhere this time of year. Do you know what these little bugs are? More...

� San Pedro & Peruvianus photo essays from 2008 �

Christmas tour Fastest growing Root check Cut off that tip! Rot! Oh no! Winter cuttings

Super growth


Josh San Pedro Compost soil Old woody Pup mania Comparisons Seedling house Packing

45 year old

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Planet Venus shining brightly over our farm (January, 2009)

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