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Cactus photo essays from 2008

Tips to save money during the Second Great Depression
Live better by holding on to your money. Here are $saving audio entertainment tips from the farm.
 January 1, 2009

Christmas cactus tour with Bobcat
It was down in the 30s at night. Verne hadn't watered the cactus since early November. Bobcat said they were OK but many were complaining about the cold. Better go check on them.
 December 24, 2008

Christmas Cat Angel stories
Raccoony took on a motherly role in raising Bobcat, but then Bobcat fell in love with her. See the shockingly steamy cats in love photos (download as PDF).
 December 24, 2008

5+ pounds San Pedro cuttings $38.95 (shipping included)
 December 5, 2008

Can I grow Trichocereus outside?

What "Zone" do you live in? Not in Zone 9?

Let's build an affordable greenhouse! Here is what  Raccoon girl helped me construct. Meow-cool!

 Prevent frozen plants during the New Ice Age
  Winter Shipping Instructions

 Follow these guidelines and your cactus should arrive alive.

Chavin culture used San Pedro for thousands of years
Josh explorers the "Real Temple of Doom" in this episode of the show. Josh buys San Pedro cuttings at a market in Peru, then takes them to take to a curandera for an evening ceremony.
 from 2007

Winter rooting of cuttings?
This is what I did with a batch of late season tips. Ones and twos were set in potting soil in an unheated greenhouse where they would receive good light.
 December 19, 2008

How do you keep the soil from falling out?
Packing secrets revealed! Yes, it takes more time and effort but you receive a healthy, happy plant that will love you like a new puppy. Only without all the mess & noise.
 September 5, 2008

46 inches of growth in one year?!
The year isn't over, yet! This Peruvianus is the all time fastest grower.
 November1, 2008

Rot! Dreaded ROT!
How to save a San Pedro with surgery & re-rooting.
 October 15, 2008

What's new at Cat & Cactus Heaven for September?
Repotting old specimens. The truth about cats. And that cool spider!
 September 8, 2008

Meet the new kitten, Bobcat
This Craigslist feline is so smart we gave him the run of the farm after one week. Now Raccoony & Dustball have to tolerate his boundless energy.
  September 2, 2008

Nepeta Cataria
Another reason why the cats love me...
  August 9, 2008

Rooting House Class of 2008, Graduation
One of the best classes ever, high grades all around. Many will go on to college. Only a handful were poor students that rotted.
  August 9, 2008

Comparison of varieties
The 2008 batch of cuttings had rooted. Verne pulled off the tarp to give them a 30% shade cloth roof. They loved the light so begged to be photographed.
  August 9, 2008

Let's water the planties
The secret is to feed the roots, so the water has to be special.
  August 12, 2008

Let's make potting soil
The smell of cow poop. Wiggly worm compost. Aerobic decomposition, beneficial soil microorganisms, coir, perlite, soilall mixed together. Oh boy!
  August 8, 2008

What size flower pot should I use?
The answer is "How big do you want your San Pedro to grow?" This one is about 50 years old with 14 foot tall tips.
  August 1, 2008

Fastest growing Peruvianus
Nothing comes close to the rapid growth of this fat monster.
  August 1, 2008

SOLD OUT - sorry!

Oh, and thank you to those who bought them.
Wizard's Arm size San Pedro cuttings$34.95 includes shipping!
Arm size cuttings from the 47 year old San Pedro mother plant.
Bazhoo,Bazhoo My Friend,

Just Rec'vd your shipment, my cacti...One of the most beautiful specimen's I have had a honor to see and touch, The Bridge arrived Healthy and solid, the Wizard Arm
Has much things to teach me...11" around and solid , packing was way above expectations...You have found a loyal customer...I can feel the love these cacti were raised in...and I shall treat them with respect and love.

Integrity has become a trait hard to find, I pray I have taught my sons this. I have great respect for it, as all my ancestors did. Gitchi Migwitch, & a Thousand Blessings

Randy "BlueWolf", BlueWolf Naturals
Black Widow Spiders
California black widows are shy, nocturnal, and scary.
  July 29, 2008


Group photo
The tip team under the eucalyptus tree wanted a photo to send home.
July 3, 2008

Yellow mushroom
The seeds are from Peru but where did a yellow mushroom come from?
July 3, 2008

Lets check on the 2008 crop of cuttings
Roots may take months; you have to check for root buds, mist in the evening, and lightly water ones with buds to encourage fine root formation.

Cut off that tip!
San Pedro were born to be propagated. Cut off the tip and she'll
pop up with 1, 2, 3, or 4 new ones.

Rooting old woody sections
Use rooting hormone and lots of patience

Raccoony's favorite song
Raccoony heard Tree Hugger by Kimya Dawson. "Meow-wow!" she peeped.

Organic rodent control
Cougar is the 2-year old alpha male. He feeds on tender, organic gopher meat; sharing any extras with his kitten side kick Raccoony.

Repotting the big boys
Let's take a quick farm tour with working cat Dustball. Check out the seedlings before we tackle up-potting Peruvianus cuttings rooted last year.

Bridgesii Pup Mania!
This seed grown plant loved deep soil and said so by giving birth to 6 pups

A mislabeled picture
Confusion is spreading about identification of the classic Peruvianus.
Hopefully this documentation will shed light on the problem.

Never watered or fertilized
My friend Billy planted some of Cactus Kate's Trichocereus Pachanoi 20 years back. They became so huge we had to harvest 150 feet of massive columns.

How to mix potting soil
You may not have access to home made compost but you can make good mixtures from stuff sold at Home Depot or Lowes.

Poor planties get root bound
You can make your San Pedro happy with a larger container filled with new soil. Then you'll have happy planties!

Free Tibet!
Raccoony loves the Dalai Lama. She even mailed her cat allowance $ to him. She hopes Tibet can be free because all God's kittens deserve freedom.

Farm Tour!
February is like spring in California's Central Valley
Come along for a quick tour with Dustball &
and her kitten girlfriend Raccoony

 February, 2008
 Jesse in Canada raised these from seed. Wow!

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