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 September, 2007
 New crop of rooted cuttings
 August, 2007
 Time to STOP trying to root cuttings.
 Days are  getting shorter and nights cooler.
 Summer is coming to an end...
 Get rich scammers have had their $greedy$ way
 until now; truth that was lost in the $rush...
 Its spring time and all the San Pedro are happy,
 take a peek inside the grow house...
 Big Peruvianus grow in big containers

Vendor reviews
Karel Knize � Seed from Peru takes 2 to 3 months; then won't germinate

River's Source Botanicals � sickly plants & funny math

March, 2007 topics & photos

Freeze damage
in the greenhouse

damage outside

When you cut
a tip, it offsets


confused seedlings
Peruvian varieties
of Peruvianus
Growing cactus
from seeds
Growing organic�
cow poop & worms

New cat Angel stories for 2007

Peruvian Torch cuttings
More photos...
Cuttings are sold on ebay
(above) standard Peruvianus
(above) Trichocereus Glaucus
(above) Peruvianus v. unknown

History Channel explores the Chavin people's use of San Pedro
Show title: The Real Temple of Doom

Josh Bernstein, on his "Digging for the Truth" show, buys San Pedro in Peru. That night he attends a Curendera's healing ceremony.

In this show, titled "The Real Temple of Doom" Josh traces the use of San Pedro Cactus from the ancient Chavin1 culture more than 2,500 years ago to present day folk medicine.
1) The Chav�n were an early civilization that existed in present-day Peru. This Early Horizon civilization is believed to have developed around 900 BC and died out around 200 BC. The Chav�ns laid the cultural foundation for the other Peruvian civilizations to come. Info from Wikipedia:

Josh finds the San Pedro cactus depicted in stone
carvings inside sacred temples of the Chavin.

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