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Fastest growing Peruvianus, Part 2

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This is for real.

I planted a tip cutting about 16" tall in 2007. It was late in the season, a bad season and everything rooted slowly.

But in 2008 I took this with a group of newly rooted Peruvianus (2007 batch) to repot. This particular one was so vigorous I gave it a 10 gallon pot.

Another one went into a 4 gallon but in late August I had to up-pot that one into a 20 gallon. This one was simply too heavy to mess with.

46" vertical growth of such a fat tip is unusual. All I can say is that this variety is a monster. Every cutting grows fast--real fast!

(below) Here is a 36" growth spurt of a San Pedro Rich Davis is lovingly tending. More...
Don't know what it weighs.

I'm afraid of this one. Like it will crush me if I mess with it.


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