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August 1, 2008

This magnificent specimen
is about 3 feet tall�but was just a cutting I rooted last summer.

August, 2008: Circumference = 18" = 5.73" diameter

Where did these come from? My friend Norm gave me a column section in 2004. He got it from a man who has an old plant growing at his house along the Northern California coast near Watsonville. Norm asked for and received a few cuttings.

From that one piece he gave me, I now have numerous plants established.

But I have never seen any other  Peruvianus grow so fast.

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These were all about 18" size cuttings rooted in 2007. You can see how vigorously the T. Glaucus and KK242 grow, but Norm's Peruvianus is head of the class.

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A photo does not really convey the mass of this plant. The span of my hand only goes less than half way around the base.

August, 2008: Circumference = 18" = 5.73" diameter

The shelf is 6' tall. From the top of the 10 gallon pot the plant is about 40" ( I haven't actually measured it). But it was just a cutting 1-year ago.

In the past I received email accusing me of lying�that no cactus can grow this fast. Well, that may be true if the plant is root bound in a small pot where it does not receive optimum light, water, and nutrients.

But with lots of root space, water, etc. this one out grows all others.

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