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Cat Angels
Cats seem about as intelligent as most people I meet who don't speak English. I believe it's essential to respect animal as we do other humans. I don't think many people understand what respect is—it's not treating an animal like a little moron. Kittens & cute puppies grow up as children do. One needs to develop and increasingly thoughtful relationship with domestic animals just as we do with human babies. It is easy, common really, to treat children the same way at age 14 as when they were 5. The quality of relationship you get from an animal is dependent upon your seeing their self awareness grow, their intelligence mature, and to encourage it.

How intelligent are animals? More: NPR Alex knew the words "banana" and "berry". When presented with a red apple he made up the word to call it— "banerry".

That is brilliant! Thank you Dr. Pepperberg.
August 16, 2006 — I love the saga of Rusty and Dusty and look forward to the next installment! Three cats own me too . . .~Neal
June 1, 2005 "Rusty, I just wanted to say to you that you are too cool in my book. An Animal lover who is brave enough to share his stories about his kids with strangers!"

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Raccoony's Patent Application
January 2009
Warmth was the essential cat commodity durign the long cold winter. So she invented a 2-cat warmer using radiant heat from an electric oil filled radiator.
Springtime cats
March 2009
Bobcat had strange stirrings that made him sniff the girl cats...it was his first ever spring and he loved it!
Dusty followed Verne
March 2009
Dusty loved Verne and liked to hang out in the greenhouse watching him work.
Bobcat's first fight injury
March 2009
Bobcat got bit because he wouldn't stop wrestling with Dusty. $80 to the vet and a week on oral antibiotics for the little cat pest...
Raccoony gave Bobcat his first gopher
December, 2008
Bobcat discovers the fun & games of an indoor gopher chase. Then he tasted the yummy fresh meat. He was sold on fresh gopher. Good job Raccoon Girl!
Cougar died, Bobcat was adopted, Raccoony raised him
December, 2008
The magnificent cat Cougar died at age 2 this past summer. A great hunter, but he strayed from gophers to harvesting bunnies from someone's farm. After Cougar killed & ate 6 rabbits the farmer killed Cougar. One can't blame him--when a sheep dog kills sheep they kill the dog.

Cougar will always be remembered as a great spirit, a loyal friend.

With the loss of our pack leader I adopted Bobcat from a Craigslist ad. The mexican family that found him were wonderfully loving, generous. Immediately I knew Bobcat was an Angel. Raccoony raised him, then fell in love with the young boy.
Raccoony turned 1-year old
June, 2008
Happy birthday to the youngest of the cat Angels.
Half pound gopher
June, 2008
Cougar battles a world record size gopher to the finish. Call Guinness!
Generous with his spare gophers
June, 2008
Cougar let Raccoony have one when he was too full to eat. That made her cat day.
Valedictorian Cougar
June, 2008
High School provided Cougar the intellectual framework he needed to master cat-human language, to develop athletic skills to out run the fox, and the cunning to steal prey out from under the beak of the hawk.
Verne's cat pack
May, 2008
After Rusty left his old body behind his presence continued to warm us like a fire on a cold evening. Cougar stepped into his mighty paws to become the new alpha male as the girl cats came to accept him.
Raccoony loves the Dalai Lama
March, 2008
All the cats were upset that China would not let Tibet be free. Raccoony made this collage of photos from the news to send to the Dalai Lama. That way she hoped he'd know that the cats were with him. Little Raccoony printed this picture to mail with her cat allowance (cash$) to:

His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Thekchen Choeling P.O. McLeod Ganj
Dharamsala H.P. 176219

Verne had to put $.90 postage on the envelope for her.
Raccoony leaves Cougar in the dust
July, 2007
Kitten energy seemed boundless. Cougar had to rest up.
Cougar begins kung fu training for Raccoony
July, 2007
Cougar enjoyed play fighting with the new kitten. Raccoony gets whooped.
New kitten Raccoony
July, 2007
She looked like a raccoon. Now Dustball wouldn't be the only girl in the pack.
Jailed Paris Hilton interviewed by Dustball
June, 2007
Paris shares her spiritual insights. Dustball let's her tell it all.
Cougar at 10 months
March, 2007
The youngest cat was the new alpha male. A tough but sweet little kitten.
Dustball 2007
March, 2007
Her favorite song is Don't worry baby by the Beach Boys. With cat lyrics.
Cougar's first pheasant
January, 2007
The young one bags a big one! Kitten discovers gourmet eating.
Cat Models
February, 2007
Which cat was the best model? It was a toss up.
Employee of the month
October, 2006
For excellence in cat modeling, Cougar was awarded "Employee of the month"
Face of an angel
October, 2006
Cougar was no ordinary cat, he was an Angel
Dustball finally had a playmate
September, 2006
Her first year was lonely, now she had a kitten to play with
Rusty liked pizza
September, 2006
Three cats living together, a happy group of felines
Evil foxtail weeds
August, 2006
The foxtails were sharp, one stuck in Dustball's eye
Why cats get "fixed"
August, 2006
Cougar was too much fun, he needed to see the vet to, uh, get "fixed."
Rusty's future looked bright
August, 2006
Sleeping on the deck at night allowed Rusty to watch the stars, he felt the deep stillness of the country. The sun rose to warm his fur and he felt peace. He felt gratitude.
God gave Verne another Angel
Cougar was obviously an Angel. Verne was grateful and said "Thank you Father for this cat Angel" several times every day.
God asks Rusty to stay on earth to protect Cougar
Rusty wanted to go home to Heaven but when GOd asked him to protect his cat Angel Cougar Rusty said "Yes, Father"
Cougar & the full moon
Cougar goes bonkers playing in the light of the summer full moon.
Cougar learns the ropes
The new kid fits in quickly.
Dust Ball's kid brother
They divide up the office territory. Who gets to warm Verne's chair...
Dusty's Toys
June, 2006
In the middle of the night she calls my name.  "Peep! Peep!" another toy...
Rusty's Retirement
He still had to work as Night Watch Cat, and train the next lead cat...
Dusty learns cactus packing
She loved bubble wrap but kept falling asleep on the wrapping paper.
Dusty meets her first snake
She'd never met a gopher snake before. Had Rusty ever seen a snake she wondered?
Rusty bitten by Possum
Another $288 in emergency vet care. The old Rust Bucket had yet another drainage tube, and wears the funnel on his head till it heals.
Dusty at age 11 months
Dusty has outgrown the terrible twos. No more galloping through the house tossing rolls of toilet paper.
Dusty's Sex Change Operation
Wishing to avoid "problems later in life" the little Dust Ball choose to get fixed. This career kitten had no time for raising a family.
The Vet hurt Dusty!
Barking dog, the Wicked Witch, the painful needle
Dusty won't ever go back to that Vet again!
Dusty's first hunting trip!
She watched Rusty and copied his moves
The kitten was becoming a hunter.
Dusty flunks computer school
We sometimes push our children too fast
Every cat parent wants their kitten to get a head start on a career. But learning the computer at only 8 weeks was a bit too much for little Dusty. Now we're scaling back expectations and she may have to fall back on modeling.
Dusty Attacks the computer desktop
Dusty takes driver training
Few people know that cats drive
I learned the trick long ago; that I could tilt my seat back while my cat kept the car centered on the freeway. If we came up on a slower vehicle all he had to do was dig his claws into my chest to brake, or swish a tail in my face to speed up. Works great on those long freeway trips. I once dozed for 150 miles while Rusty steered and cruise control held the speed steady.
San Pedro cat has 11 lives
Cat Angel Rusty turned 15 this year
He grew up on our San Pedro farm. After a recent near death infection from one of his many animal battles it was discovered that all of his 9 lives had expired. As he lay on the doorway to the infinite San Pedro granted him two miracles; one was the extension of his 9 lives to 11 and the second was to give him an Angel companion named Dusty.
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Dusty meets Rusty in the hospital
Rusty helps with Spring planting
Want more cat Angel stories? email The Cats  

Update 2-26-09
Evil continues to spread its web over human civilization. Angel Molly Jameson is gone from RadioIO. Without her spirit there I cannot endorse RadioIO anymore.

(right) A humanoid called "Mike" posted his photo in Angel Molly's place - a face that would scare children.
EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! It is called "Mike!"
(above) Evil Overlord replaced Molly! Hide your children & cats.

Treat your mind, ears & spirit

Check out
radioio — the best Internet music station there is. The Ambient channel (under Electronic & Dance) used to be my favorite during focused activity like typing until Forest shifted too much into what sounds like rave music. I can't listen to it for long periods anymore.

Then I discovered Molly Jameson's Acoustic Cafe. She has an impressive library that is perfect for working around the farm. I broadcast the computer's audio to a Ramsey FM transmitter for pick up on Sony FM portables all over the property. Goes 1/2 mile.

Tired of listening to the same old stuff on your stupid IPOD? RadioIO is only $5/month commercial free from hyper annoying E-surance & Bozo-Flex ads. Just pay the $5 a month.

Molly Jameson has a tunes collection spanning the spectrum from blue grass to rock. Sometimes she exposes her country roots until I feel like I woke up hung over in a clutter of long neck beer bottles in the back of a pickup truck with a dog. Then, miraculously she switches genres just when I was about to switch her off. That is great since I find her tunes 223% less annoying to listen to hour after hour than other channels.

By the way, Molly has a page
"About Molly" that is so long I've never been able to finish reading it. Maybe when you have insomnia or are researching your Ph.D. in Jameson you could check it out?

On the positive side Raccoony first heard and loved
"Tree Hugger" on Molly's station.  She has so much music I hear something new every time I listen. Either that or I have short term memory loss?


(above) Radio IO is the best Internet Music station there is and they don't pay me a dime to say that.

(below) I took my IPOD back for a refund when I learned it was not supported by the Internet audiobook library (free audiobooks) from my library. I first bought a Sansa MP3. What junk! Sold that on eBay and bought a SONY MP3. Nice! SONY always makes me glad I bought a SONY product years and years after the purchase.

The SONY MP3 has an FM radio function allowing me to receive  broadcasts from my computer fed into a Ramsey Electronics FM station. WOW! No more money wasting song purchases. I can listen to Radio IO, NPR, or an audiobook (not a stupid PODCAST!) for free—all over the farm. Even on SONY noise cancelling headphones/MP3 when moving grass. Life is good with the right technology.


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