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If you live outside the USA you should consider growing from seed.
It is OK to import seeds but not live plants. Find a seed suplier, or a local cactus collector group near where you live?

If you're not 100% satisfied I'll pay return shipping and give a full refund.

1) Email me when the item is packed back in the box. I'll initiate a FedEx Call Tag.

2) FedEx will come to pick up the box (from the same place they originally delivered it). The driver will have a preprinted label. You don't have to do anything else! You don't have to address the box or ship it yourself. NEVER take it to a FedEx Kinkos - that is actually a "different division of FedEx" and they will not ship it unless you pay them.

3) When the item is returned I'll issue a refund to your credit card.

FedEx Ground  is the only shipping method offered. Tracking info/shipping notice sent next business day after payment. Your plant ships the next available business day after you pay; from California (me) FedEx claims 5-business day delivery to the East Coast.

No rush shipping. Pease plan ahead for gifts; no "Next day" or other rush service is available.

Professional packing materials ensure that your plant will arrive in perfect condition.

No international sales — Because plants cannot be exported without very time consuming, expensive paperwork—such as Dept. of Agriculture quarantine, phytosanitary permit, customs declarations, etc. Then there is the cost of air freight across an ocean...no one wants to pay $300-to-$500 for a $50 plant.  I don't want to drive 200 miles round trip to an agricultural inspection/quarantine station, and fill out pages of paperwork for customs, etc. International plant shipping is only for large corporations, or research scientists.
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