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Offset Growth, or "Buds a popping!"
These three tip donors responded with 1, 3 and 4 new buds. These will grow into beautiful new tips that can also be harvested.

Do this in the spring or summer when its warm and dry. That way the cut will not infect with mold. Do not cut tips off during cold, wet weather or out of season like winter. Then they may infect and can rot.

But in the spring or summer you can harvest without worries. Your San Pedro will bud back and grow more tips.

I sterilize the cutting knife with isopropyl alcohol, wipe off with a clean rag. The remaining base can be left in bright light so the cut quickly heals. As long as the weather is warm, dry, sunny, you don't have to be concerned.

You just gotta love this plant for being so spunky.




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