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Trichocereus Bridgesii pops 6-pups
This surprised me. A batch of 3 year old (from seed) Bridgesii were planted (2007) in bed of 50% compost with 50% large grain perlite. I guess the plants are now 4 years old?

The bed is about 30 inches deep of my mixture--with typical California Central Valley soft soil at the bottom.

Apparently the deep root space allowed these plants to readily form pups.

I've seen pups before�but 6 from a plant in 1-year is very nice.

That is not any sort of record since my 4 foot tall Peruvian Torch bore 9 pups in a ring around its base one summer.

Anyway, a little praise for this prolific Bridgesii. Nice bunch of kids you got there!



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