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Cactus Log: 2015  

A collection of email from:
sacredcactus.com, trichocereus.com, sanpedrocactus1.com, Amazon.com and eBay customers. Being a rural farmer prevents me from frequently updating the page. But I save your correspondence until there is time to post stuff.

Need cactus identification? try — cactiguide.comDaiv is very knowledgeable with a helpful site. He offers an identification guide, and active blogs for cactus hobbyists. Send me your photos and I'll try to post when there is time.

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(above) Collie kisses a stranger at San Francisco's Crissy Field
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In 2015 you said...

Suzana Zuzana Knize threatens to sue for libel
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 / From: Suzann <zzzzzknize@gmail.com>

Cactus Kate, Hi, does it feel so humorous to you to talk bad about Karel Knize on your website? Or does talking bad about him makes your site more famous? Please remove all defamation off your site. His name and everything. Or else I will sue you for libel. Thanks Zuzana Knize
Oh zuzankaknize!
You can't sue me for libel. First - you don't have legal standing in the law; you are not Karel Knize. Second - the law of libel only pertains to living individuals. There is an expression -"There is no libel of the dead."  The old bandit Karel hasn't been heard from in a decade. Strike two.

You need to appreciate the difference between journalism and libel. Truthful comments are protected speech. Karel Knize did send me garbage; non-viable seed. In fact he became infamous for burning people around the planet who ordered from him in his latter days when he simply kept the money and shipped nothing. Strike three.

Why don't you Google his notorious name to find many people who lost lots of money - one collector placed a $20,000 order for rare plant cuttings (including phytosanitary certificates, shipping, etc.) but received nothing. He lost that entire $20,000 to Karel "El Bandito" Knize.

Best legal advice for you is to lay low - maybe change your last name Suzann Zuzana Knize. But you can't sue anyone. I wrote what I wrote because Karel Knize took my money and sent me non-viable seed; same as he did to countless others. He was a crook in his final days and everyone knows it.

I was lucky to obtain seed of almost every Peruvian Trichocereus from Knize the last year he shipped viable seed. What I obtained lives on as a treasure of genetic diversity.

Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2015 / From: Juliano P <nnnnnn@gmail.com> / Subject: cactii cuts

Hi, first of all: great site :)  I've had some problems with my supplier here in Brazil. Misnamed plants and hybrid when I asked some peruvianus (i think they send me a cuzcoensis :( ) and bridgesii. Can you sell/send peruvianus and macrogonus to brazil? Thanks :)

Amazon bans San Pedro
October 31, 2015 / Hell from Amazon, We are writing to let you know that the following detail pages have been removed from our catalog:
ASIN: B00FC3ZM94, SKU: 14inch_bridg_sp_cousin, Title: "14 inch ji12 potted bridgesii trichocereus achuma cactus san pedro cactus cousin"
ASIN: B00ETII4MA, SKU: smaller_24inch_total, Title: "san pedro cactus cuttings, trichocereus  pachanoi, several smaller diameter tip cuttings totaling 24" in length"
ASIN: B00DJSCFTE, SKU: 4-achuma_12_inch, Title: "four ji12 trichocereus achuma bridgesii cactus 12" top cuts from jiimz cactus farm"
ASIN: B00F844CVQ, SKU: SP-1x-12lbs, Title: "12 pounds of medium diameter san pedro cactus cuttings ~ 12" trunk sections, free shipping, too! trichocereus pachanoi"
ASIN: B0080B0Z9M, SKU: brdg_2_12inch, Title: "two 12 inch bridgesii achuma trichocereus cactus top cuts"
ASIN: B00F7PSZ3C, SKU: 4tips_8feet_total, Title: "four san pedro cactus tip cuttings, two (2') foot long each (8 total feet), trichocereus (echinopsis) pachanoi"
ASIN: B0100YWWGA, SKU: juuls_12inch_tip, Title: "san pedro cactus relative, trichocereus cv. juul's giant 12" tip cutting"

This product has been identified as peyote or a product containing peyote or mescaline, which are Schedule I substances under the Controlled Substances Act. Amazon policy prohibits the sale or listing of Controlled substances, including product listed in Schedules I, II, III, IV or V of the Controlled Substances Act.

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2015

I have just received my second order of beautiful cacti. (My husband Cameron Stone ordered them from you on ebay). Just wanted to say they are beautiful, just like last time. I really appreciate the quality and energy of these plants, it is evident that they were grown with love. Thank you for growing these beauties and making this plant wisdom available! Namaste! Andra Stone

No PayPal account?

Use a credit card this way: At checkout look to the bottom of the page - see that?

There you go!

Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2015 / Subject: Re: Cactus Item:thx1138
From: Mike <nnnnnnn@gmail.com>

Thanks for the extra cactus! :) They all arrived nice and happy and healthy.

Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2015 Subject: Re: Cactus Item: thx1138
From: Duane S <nnnn@gmail.com>

Cool...did it go yet- or is there anyway to add 3 more cuts onto the order? Lol, so sorry. Im almost positive i cant anymore, but thought i would ask...was contemplating it all weekend and finally today was sure i wanted 3 more, but got around to emailing you back too late...oh well...maybe next year! I buy these bridgisii every year around this time when sell em. Last year i bought 4 lots off you which was like 12-15 feet of bridgisiii! And they are so happy to this day in my garden! And the year before that, i bought the " peru/ cuzco ish giants that are in the back of my yard!!
Any idea on this bridisiis genetics? Any common name for this clone/cultivar/ strain?_-- or is it just random seed grown bridgisii( which is perfectly awesome as well)...just wondering if there was any known location data or lore that you were aware of.. Anyway thanks verne. If theres anyway to add on to this order let me know.even though im pretty sure its already on jts way.... Thanks- Duane

...a stupid rat ate the entire thing one night!
October 20, 2015
Excellent! Can't wait to grow these. I spent 9 months growing a cutting a friend made me and a stupid rat ate the entire thing one night! I bet he had quite an experience- probably still freaking out in a hole somewhere I hope. That would be justice. Anyways, stoked to try again! Thank you,Jessie

You sell san pedro cuting and send me to israel
October 11, 2015
Dear cactus_kate_trichocereus, Hello men. You sell san pedro cuting and send me to israel - mimioro

I've ordered from River's Source..and countless other eBay folks... your cacti put them all to shame
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2015 / Subject: Re: Cactus Item: thx1138
From: Mike B <nnnnn@ven-tel.com>

Much appreciated! I've really been enjoying your site. I got the cactus bug several months ago and lately have been fascinated with Tricocereus and all the controversy surrounding genetics and variations and such. I just have a few specimens at this point but I am very excited to add these to my collection. I've learned a lot from your writings and I thank you.

Thank you so much Verne. I've ordered from River's Source, Cactus Store, Succulent Shop and countless other eBay folks and your cacti put them all to shame. They look individually loved and well cared for. You're the man.

Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2015 / From: Sitorock <ssssss@gmail.com>
Subject: I have problems with my cactus

Hello could you please advice me what I should do with my cacti. I have this lovely family for 2 years. I was told they are San Pedro, I try not water so often only one a month but I do have many many guests and they may be over watering. Near the base it seams a bit rotting and spongy, the length has grow to about 3.5 feet long from 2 feet when I first adopted them. They are growing and they don't seam to be able to support their own weight so it's leaning to the side, for this reason I have placed them agains the wall. What should I do? Cut and plant the tips?  Will the bottom also have new tips growing?  Should I re-pot to a bigger pot??  Do I use a mixture of rock and soil? Help please Thank you in advance for your feed back as it is very much appreciated. Germán Montoya  In Brooklyn Sent from my iPhone

Date: October 4, 2015 / ebay / Dear cactus_kate_trichocereus,

Hi there! I am so glad to have found your site! I think it's great. I am writing to inquire how often you might offer peruvianus...or perhaps there isn't much regularity to it. In any event, I am excited to get some pachanoi from you in the near future. Thanks! matt

Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2015 / From: Megan <mmmmmmmm.wilson@gmail.com>

Package arrived today. Thank you, they're beautiful!
Sent from my iPhone

Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2015 / From: shawn finn <organdodor@yahoo.com>

Hey Verne, just got the cuttings, looking good! I was waiting for summer to taper off because in Yuma it is hotter than hell. I bought a 24" potted specimin from you in mid March and put it under a 6-foot fan palm by my pool. It gets sun until noon,(which may be 115 degrees)I dug a 2-foot hole and filled it with a 50/50 mix of commercial potting soil and the desert sand that my yard is made out of. It gets water from the municipal tap on a drip line,(alkali-salt-chlorine)water so bad I won't even drink it. It is super green and healthy, and today measures 40"!!!! I do give it a dose of Alaska fish fertilizer in water once a month, but all in all, I do believe it loves it here. Three questions though, can I leave the cuttings in the paper for the 2 week drying period, should I re-cut off the ends(they look good as-is)and when did you cut them off (for my 2 week advised dry time). Thanks again, Shawn.

can I leave the cuttings in the paper for the 2 week drying period,

I wouldn't. The tips will yellow in the dark. Unwrap them.

should I re-cut off the ends (they look good as-is) and when did you cut them off (for my 2 week advised dry time).

I cut fresh usually the day you order...so... You want a well dried end. set gently in dry potting mix so it doesn't mold from the lack of air circulation/compacted soil. Check periodically for root buds forming and to make sure it isn't molding.
~ Verne

Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 / From: Amazon Services <seller-info@amazon.com> / Subject: Notification of Restricted Products Removal

Hello from Amazon,

We are writing to let you know that the following detail pages have been removed from our catalog: ASIN: B00GLH1U8M, SKU: sp12incut, Title: "san pedro cactus, cactus kate® 12" tip cutting"

You mean I no longer have to pay you 15% commission on each sale, plus $480 a year for the priviledge of selling on Amazon, and suffer your opressive manipulations to ship for free, no mater what I have to pay for freight? I am so upset. Uh, huh.

"...Whoops! She fell on her head...what to do?"
Fri, 18 Sep 2015 / Subject: Advice / From: Chuch<cccccccccc@gmail.com>

Hello I purchased a batch from you a couple months back they are excellent and thriving! There is one though that got a little jarred perhaps in shipping (on the tip) I did read about the story you gave of the guy who freaked out and thought it was diseased so you took it back and it thrived! with that story I decided to baby it and its currently rooted nicely however the tip has remained black and is now oozing a brown watery substance that is almost bitter sweet to the taste. I have inclosed a picture.. Should I cut the tip like as if it was a bottom Rot? (safe below the black) or try to do something else or nothing at all? like I said its rooted strong, there are a couple spots around the spikes near the top i suspect this all has to do with shipping as well .. as you might suspect the black stuff is very hard. Thank you Ross

That is sad...and you've worked hard. I  feel your frustration... Advice -- leave it alone. Right now it needs to put its energy into surviving, rooting...Cutting the tip off is a human intrusion for cosmetic reasons (to please the human). In my experience what you showed me is localized, not spreading, not actually rotting. It will dry out, harden up.

If I'm wrong and it spreads, then yes -- do surgery. But I can tell it won't spread. Otherwise wait till it roots and is growing again before making cosmetic surgery? Its a good idea to mist the cutting at night stage to help it hydrate. Cactus open their stoma (pores) at night and can take in water vapor with CO2. Your soil looks dry so start lightly watering -- you can do that by nightly water spray bottle like it was a fern. It helps them go from those stiff root buds to developing a spider web of fine root hairs ... I'll ship you a replacement tip for good luck. Thanks Chuch ~ Verne

Sun, 20 Sep 2015 / From: Michael Bayes <bayes7m@gmail.com>

Thanks for the website, I have and am familiar with a ‘standard’ t. pachanoi with about 4 inch diameter, I saw some growing in Malibu that looked if I remember about 6 inches in diameter, have you seen that? It was essentially a bigger variety of pachanoi? Thanks, Michael  

Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2015 / Subject: Expert opinion / From: Dave W <2wwwwwwwn@gmail.com>

Hello Verne, I love the website! Wish I could order from you, but unfortunately there is a border in between us :(

I have a San Pedro that isn't looking too healthy. (pic 1 & 2). It has a strange discoloration in the skin. Have you seen this before? Also I have another cacti of unknown species.(pic3) It has remained dormant for 5 years. I have been battling mealy bugs for that long. Would you happen to know the species by any chance? Any tips for mealy bugs? These are indoor plants. Also I live in Edmonton, Canada so we get long winters without much sun.  Thanks for your time and consideration. May your harvest always be plentiful! Sincerely Dave.
You can't grow cactus indoors like that.
Those are totally sick plants which is what the mealy bugs are telling you. Those pots have no drainage! This is like seeing children locked in dog cages and fed only potato chips and soda. You need to have a professional horticulturalist visit to rescue those plants, arrest you for plant cruelty and be sentenced to prison for ignorance against Nature. But that's just my opinion. There is a border between us for a good reason. ~ Verne

"...won't let us leave until we settle the bills. Please be so kind to reply back so I can tell you what to do and how to get some cash to us. I'm freaked out at the moment."  
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2015 / From: "Janet Howse" <layels@aol.com> / Subject: Sad Trip......Please Help !
Hello! I'm sorry you're getting the mail from me at this Point in time,my family and I came down here to Istanbul,Turkey for a short vacation unfortunately we were mugged at the park of the hotel we stayed, all cash credit cards and cell were stolen off but luckily for us we still have our passports with us.

I have been to the embassy and the Police here but they're not helping issues at all and our flight leaves pretty soon from now but we're having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager won't let us leave until we settle the bills.Please be so kind to reply back so I can tell you what to do and how to get some cash to us. I'm freaked out at the moment. Thanks. Janet xxxx  

Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2015 / From: Brendan <bbbbbbb@thereitis.org>

Hi, I'm in Vermont (USDA HArdiness Zone 4b), and want to grow San Pedro. Perhaps I should buy early next summer, in order to have roots before next winter? Or will I be able to grow (slowly?) indoors for the winter? Could/should I use lights? Thanks, Brendan  

"Should I care about the black area at base on the other side of the biggest cactus?"
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2015 / From: Gerald  fishnnnnnnn@yahoo.com / Subject: About the three specimens I bought four years ago or so
Can—t remember exactly what it was I bought from you except the three orders were all different. Think only have two kinds. And yes in the ground is best where eventually all will go being in a great zone of 9a on the south texas coast with wintertime fog banks.

Should I care about the black area at base on the other side of the biggest cactus? Has been like this a long time after taking a cutting thats potted doing great. Plant seems to be thriving in spite of. It likes the lemon grasses next to. Thanks for your thoughts. Am a certified newbie even though have wet my wings. Have a fun one today, Gerald

This one in the pot is etiolated (not enough light) and soil is drying out too much. Needs a much larger container to buffer moisture loss between waterings.

(above) not healthy; need loose soil and mulch. Read gardening advice about cultivating soil and mulching ground. Looks like they're not getting enough water (ribs sucked in).

"I want to buy from you but don't know what to look for"
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2015 / Subject: I need your assistance please /From: Kat  <lagunannnnnnnnnnnnnn@yahoo.com>

Hello. My name is Kat and I live in San Diego. My neighbor has a San Pedro cactus that bloomed this year. I asked a nurseryman friend about it and he told me what it is. As I went looking for it online, I found your site. I read that you only sell on EBay so I went there. I have never been there before so am a complete tyro. How do I know it is your plants? I want to buy from you but don't know what to look for. Can you help please? I am interested in buying many varieties. Thanks for any time you can spend. I truly appreciate it.  Sincerely, Kat

"Are you still in business?"
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2015 / From: "Wilcox" <nnnWilcox2@va.gov>

Are you still in business? What are your prices? Sincerely, Jim

"Great! Been a couple years but always a pleasure. Glad to see you are still getting it done."
Wed, 02 Sep 2015 / From: Shawn  <shawnnnnnnnnn@gmail.com
Great! Been a couple years but always a pleasure. Glad to see you are still getting it done.

"...one of the original cactus columns fell to the ground breaking off ..."
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015  / From: Stan  <stannnnnnnn@outlook.com> / Subject: Care Problem San Pedro Cactus
Raccoon: I have been searching for the answer to why one of my 2 San Pedro Cactus plants has suddenly had three individual cactus columns topple over. Perhaps you will be kind enough to provide some helpful assistance. I transplanted both Cactus, from 5 gallon Nursery provided containers, into my 90 + % sandy soil in mid 2014. 

I used anti transplant shock Vitamin B solution in the planting sequence and subsequently have provided Fish emulsion fertilizer on a regular basis. Results were fantastic until this August 24, 2015 when one of the original cactus columns fell to the ground breaking off about 2 ft above the rooted base. Two days later, two more of the cactus columns on the same plant have fallen over, but remain attached to and fed by the root base. Meantime the other Cactus, planted and treated exactly the same remains upright .

Both Cacti are exposed to an almost daily afternoon steady on shore breeze off the Pacific Ocean via the San Luis Rey River bed 5 miles west.The breeze varies between 12 to 14 + mph.

The one with fallen columns is closer by 25 ft. to the unimpeded direct flow along the street which is the actual flow center to me for the onshore breeze. Both cacti get exactly the same amount of water via an automatic low flow watering system 2 x a week. The growth of both plants has been amazing (perhaps too fast) from just 2 ft tall to about 6 ft.

Attached are photos of the 2 plants as of today, August 30, 2015. Thank you, Stan, 95 year old, Oceanside, Ca.
You're forcing too much fish emulsion (nitrogen source). The columns curve out from narrow bases to top heavy sections they can't support. Cut that top growth to root into new plants. Less fertilizer will allow them to build stronger columns by growing slower.

Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2015 / From: K <fashion.annnnnnn@hotmail.com>

"Hi I require some assistance identifying hopefully what is a panachoi or bridgesii.
Sorry for my spelling"

Kind regards

Not a trichocereus. Sorry.

Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 / From: Tom  <nnnnnnnnn@hotmail.com>
"I'm looking for a common name 'green pepperoni' cactus"
It may be a Trichocereus santiaguensis f. monstruosa cristata bla bla? I do believe it is a
Trichocereus monstrosa, is mostly spineless and looks unique.
Thanks for your time. Tom

If I had any they'd be gone the first time we made pizza bla, bla...

"...if I mailed cash ...would sell to me?"
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2015 / From: Isabella <isabellannnnnnnnnn@gmail.com>

Hi! I had kind of an odd question..I don't do any of my herb or plant shopping online, I always prefer face to face transactions. Due to this, I've never felt the need to open up a credit card account. I'm extremely interested in purchasing your products, since I live in the Eastern United States and have little to no access to cacti. I understand that it isn't common nor smart to mail cash, but I've had to it in odd circumstances. Is there any possibility that if I mailed cash plus shipping for your product, once you received that cash and were able to verify it, you would sell to me? I greatly appreciate your time. Thank you. -Isabella B.—
Don't send cash! My German Shepherd might use it to go to the canine strip club down the road...But seriously; you are attempting an old trick to make the "mark" reveal their address to the "phony customer."  No cash will ever arrive. hmm...No thank you. Wait a minute! Sorry! I was being hasty and paranoid...Send me $500, OK? I'll send you a bunch of cactus and stuff.

Pres. Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

"...really appreciate your cultivation of these beautiful cacti and look forward to getting these..."
Wed, Aug 12, 2015 / order: 40092364738 /Michael, Charleston SC

Verne,  Thank you! I'm going to use these to replace a couple I got from you last year that died from an infection. There is one other that I believe is a peruvian that got slightly damaged, but scabbed up and is still growing like crazy! I really appreciate your cultivation of these beautiful cacti and look forward to getting these replacements. I'm able to grow outside in the summer in this zone. They're not very fast growing, though :( I put them in a greenhouse and they seem to be doing better. The two that rotted got sunburn in the greenhouse and then started dying. I do have them in pots, so that might be part of the issue. Thanks for your great online resources and ebay store :) Take care, Alex

"Would the cactus survive these conditions? (Florida)"
Wed, 12 Aug 2015 / Subject: Growing the cactus in Florida / From: Isabel<isabelnnnnnnnn@gmail.com>

Hi, Verne. I recently bought some of your cactus and would like to plant them in Central Florida in a location across from the beach. I had purchased some last year and planted them in a large pot mostly outside. All was well until a month ago that they started to rot.  My guess was that there was too much humidity in the soil, and water didn't drain completely.  I'd like to try again, this time maybe plant them directly on the ground in a semi shaded area.  I have a couple of concerns and questions that you may be able to answer.  First is the weather, summer in FL can be very hot, damp and wet for many days; and there can be frost in winter with temperatures going down to 33F at times for short periods.  Would the cactus survive these conditions?  Or should I keep them in pots so I can move them away from the more extreme weather?  The second question is about the ideal soil composition, salinity, and amount of water recommended to keep them healthy.  Looking forward to your recommendations and advise.  Thank you in advance. Warmly,  Isabel

Florida isn't a problem as far as I know. The humidity is OK --you're right its the drainage. They can't stand in water or will rot. These are from the equator near the amazon (very warm, wet, etc.). http://sanpedrocactus1.com/san_pedro_cactus.htm .  Mine grow OK down to about 26 degrees and briefly to 23 degrees. The bigger the size of the column the more freeze resistant it is. Frost is no problem -- but hard, sustained freezing affects most the smaller ones. Large columns have a heat "buffer" of their stored water.

Start in pots the first year, they plant out the next. Good drainage is the key. ~Verne

"I live just North of Daytona Beach, FL"
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 / From: joan - Amazon Marketplace <pf5nsqr358xjz0p@marketplace.amazon.com>

I apologize but since it has already been shipped I will just keep the cutting...they look gorgeous by the way. I hope the fact that I'm gonna keep the order that it doesn't cause any problems on your end.  And one last question if u don't mind...I live just North of Daytona Beach, FL. We live on a salt water canal with a good slope for drainage down to the water. Would rooting this cutting up by the house be a good spot to plant the cutting since that's the highest area in the yard and the water can only flow down from there.....because with the rain we're getting right now....or would u suggest just not planting it for a little while til the rain slows down in a few weeks or so.

Florida isn't a problem as far as I know.

Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2015 / From: Jesse <jtaylornnnnn@yahoo.com>

"Sorry to bug ya again but i had to tell you, these San Pedro are Awesome!!! Thank you so much"

Date: 4, Aug 2015

Dear cactus_kate_trichocereus, Hi, I received the cuttings today, thank you! Your instruction say to cut the ends, clean with alcohol and wait 2 weeks for them to heal before planting. Should I follow this or should I just plant them now as-is since they look like they've healed from your cutting them ... thanks! - gamingequip

No, that advice is if you have to cut because of mold or something. The ones you received are ready to go (all healed up).

"...Jason Izen and he said you have the finest product."
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2015 / From: dlnynnnnnn@yahoo.com

Greetings from NY! I was sent your website by Jason Izen and he said you have the finest product. I would like to know if you sell and ship to upstate NY and how I can go about ordering some cactus to be grown indoors (indoors because it goes way below zero degrees where I am for sometimes weeks at a time). I would love to hear back from you. Ted

Oh, --Jason...I get his requests frequently for me to join Linkedin -- its a photo of him smiling in a hot tub ...Tell him I said hi!

"I cannot find a phone number or how to get in touch with you"
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2015 / From: Karen  <kannnnnnnnnr@comcast.net>

Yes, I would like San Pedro cactus and if you are in the Central Valley...I cannot find a phone number or how to get in touch with you...help.  Karen

Phone? I don't own a cell phone. Actually have $10/month LIFELINE service. Haven't answered a phone in many years...Telepathy works fine.

"...are 4' tall (scored today, 100 pesos each, that's about $7)..."
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2015 / From: D  <deannnnnnnnn@hotmail.com>

Hi! I've really enjoyed your website. I'm still wondering how to get the budz a starting much less than popping. Is it when the San Pedro gets cut in a certain place, or bruised or??? Do they grow better in a pot or in the ground (with poor surrounding soil), or do they care? The pots may provide better drainage (our soil? is mostly clay so even if you use "real soil" you could have little drainage?). The SP's I've got down here (near Ensenada) have been in less than a 5 gal. bucket, 2 less than 1 1/2 feet, 2 newby fat-boys that are in 3 gallon buckets and are 4' tall (scored today, 100 pesos each, that's about $7 ). What limits how big they can get?  I wasn't quite sure if it was better to let the cut end out to dry, and then lay it down and let it go or plant it upright, allrighty, back to the Margharita. Keep up the great work, Peace and Blessings, Deane

"...T. Bridgessi cuttings but I couldn't find any listings on eBay or on your website"
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 / From: ryannnnnnnn@yahoo.com / Subject: Looking for T. Bridgessi

Hi, I'm interested in buying T. Bridgessi cuttings but I couldn't find any listings on eBay or on your website. I was going to buy some of the cuttings last week off eBay but someone got it before I did. If you have any in supply let me know and I will make the purchase as soon as I hear from you. Thank you! Ryan Mack

Sorry Ryan...I can't always sell because they have to grow back after taking cuttings. I'll add some to this site to let them be purchased like the other cuttings on the home page. ~Verne

"...we are looking to put in some Trichocereus cacti in a new retail store we are designing"
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 / From: "Jenny" <jennnnnnn@nnnnnarchitecture.com> / Subject: Trichocereus cacti for Retail Store in West Hollywood

Hi Kate, I—m an architect and we are looking to put in some Trichocereus cacti in a new retail store we are designing. We have a planting bed that is about 9— deep. Can you let me know if this is deep enough for a mature, tall plant? Thanks! Best regards, Jenny
jenny nnnnnn / somecompany / architecture | design / santa monica blvd | los angeles | ca 90029

"I—m located in Armenia...problem is customers of Russian Federation..."
Date: July 28, 2015

Dear cactus_kate_trichocereus, Hi cactus kate I—m located in Armenia Yerevan (near Russia) but I can purchase from US sellers trough shipping global company to my country. But the main problem is customers of Russian Federation needs PHITOSANITARY document for clearance. Unfortunately I didn—t know about this document needed before. If my package doesn—t have PHITOSANITARY document they don—t give me my package. Is it possible for you to prepare this document then ship it with cactus. Thank you Andranik, Armenia

"...is this par of it, is it rotting..."
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 / From: aiturnnnnn@gmail.com

Hi Kate, Thanks for taking the time to post all this useful stuff, I have a 6 year old San Pedro grown from healthy cuttings.  I has thrived and grown to over 5 feet without any care I live in South Florida so it gets lot's of water which seems not to affect it.
in the last year it developed what i just read about on your site the black pimples and the cactus keeps growing, however what concerns me is the stuff shown in the picture I am attaching, is this par of it,is it rotting, would appreciate your input and please feel free to post the pic on your site if you think it can be of use to others. Your site is the first one I came across, I am going to keep searching in the meantime but I doubt I'll find as detailed and honest info as in yours. Thanks in advance. Aldo

"Very nice n impressive tips! Sound genetics! What I was looking for"
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 / Subject: All tips have arrived / From: henrynnnnnnnnnn <henrynnnnnn@aol.com>
Ok. All tips have arrived safely now. Very nice n impressive tips! Sound genetics! What I was looking for. Regards
Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S— 5, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone1aaa impressive tipound

"Amazing will to live and grow"
Date: July 23, 2015
Greetings Verne, This very small piece shows how strong the survival instinct is. I rooted this on a chance, just to see if it would make it. The bottom of a cutting I received was very gnarly looking, so I cut off about an inch and a half to get a smooth cut.

This little guy was dressed with Clonex and placed in your recommended soil mix. I used bottom heat and a small grow lamp. In two weeks, she tugged back. I place this outside under a large lemon grass plant for filtered light. About a month went by with no noticeable signs of growth above ground.

I came home one day and this is what I had. Amazing will to live and grow. I hope to send more pictures as the different varieties root and begin their new life. Thank you.

"Thanks so much! -Peace, love, and light"
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2015 / Subject: About San Pedro specimens / From: Taylor <martinnnnnnn@yahoo.com>

I currently have a San Pedro and one of its columns growing from the top is about the size of a large cucumber. Would it be too late in the year to cut it off and replant it? Also I will be purchasing a couple more from you guys. Thanks so much!  -Peace. love, and light -Thanks, Taylor Martin

"Hi... Do you happen to know when san pedro will be back in stock?" (on Amazon.com)
July 9, 2015 (Amazon.com inquiry) Re: Will San Pedro be back?

"Hi... Do you happen to know when san pedro will be back in stock?"  Joseph Chraland

Never! San Pedro are finally gone for good! Amazon, under pressure from certain "enemies", has banned it. Amazon says:
"This product has been identified as a prescription drug, a product imitating a prescription drug, an unapproved foreign drug or supplement, an unapproved new drug, or a controlled substance. Amazon policy prohibits the listing or sale on Amazon of these products unless the products are approved for over-the-counter use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)."

Amazon referred me to the Erowid website as proof of something or other...and may have also come to their conclusion from -- Brett Lothian's blogspot: Trichocereus Pachanoi 'Predominant Cultivar' by Brett Lothian ..."
Uses for it include traditional medicine and traditional veterinary medicine... used for... nervous conditions, joint problems, drug addictions, cardiac disease, and high blood pressure. Trichocereus Pachanoi contains hordenine and it has been shown that hordenine, N,N-Dimethyl-hydroxyphenylethylamine, exhibits an inhibitory action against at least 18 strains of penicillin resistant Staphylococcus bacteria."

For me this is cause to celebrate. Hallelujah! I was sick of Amazon's $468/year "seller fees" ($39/month) to list items, their ripoff 15% commission on every sale (ouch!) and pressure to offer lowest prices and "Free Shipping" -- despite the high delivery cost due to the weight.  Thanks for asking Joe. I appreciate you as a customer. Verne
Hello from Amazon, We are writing to let you know that the following detail pages have been removed from our catalog:

ASIN: B00YDFFWZ6, SKU: SHUA_16lbs, Title: "sacred huachuma tip cuttings"
ASIN: B00YDA1ZRK, SKU: HUA_trnk_12, Title: "sacred huachuma trunk cutting"
ASIN: B00PQ6EIC4, SKU: WL-HEG7-SRLR, Title: "san pedro cactus relative, trichocereus peruvianus "short spine""
ASIN: B00YDF2A4C, SKU: HUA_tip12, Title: "sacred huachuma tip cutting"
ASIN: B00PPW8QQI, SKU: NX-1CG8-V56G, Title: "san pedro cactus relative, trichocereus peruvianus var. glaucus cuttings"
ASIN: B00YDDZ5T6, SKU: HUA_trnk_16lbs, Title: "sacred huachuma trunk cuttings"
ASIN: B00PPXH95G, SKU: NJ-IWKZ-OPFL, Title: "san pedro cactus relative, trichocereus peruvianus kk242"

This product has been identified as a prescription drug, a product imitating a prescription drug, an unapproved foreign drug or supplement, an unapproved new drug, or a controlled substance. Amazon policy prohibits the listing or sale on Amazon of these products unless the products are approved for over-the-counter use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

For more information on our policies, search on "Restricted Products" and "Listing Restrictions" in Seller Help.
**Action Required: Within 48 hours of this notice, please review your remaining listings and make any changes necessary to ensure compliance with our policies. Failure to comply with this request may result in the removal of your selling privileges. We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for selling on Amazon.com.

July 8, 2015
Dear cactus_kate_trichocereus,

Hey verne. Henry here from fresno/modesto. I previously bought a wild Andes tricho peruvi tip, a couple of weeks ago. Ebay. 16" and 7 plus pounds. A nice cubby one. I was wondering if you were planning to list any more on ebay. If not, would you consider selling some directly to me? I am interest in a volume purchase. Depends on price. Txs verne. Much regards!- lincolnreds

I can't sell to a single person with special deals. My hobby just doesn't provide enough to offer "volume deals". Sorry. Anything available is offered on the website, or on eBay. Thank you.

"All items arrived in perfect condition"
Tue, 7 Jul 2015 / From: Tim <tttt@gmail.com>

Verne, thank you for the consideration given to packing and shipping.  All items arrived in perfect condition. What an honor to continue the legacy Kate started. I feel truly blessed.  With time and patience all will go well, but I will need a buddy to help pot this one up!  Maybe by next season I will send you a follow up photo. Be well and thank you again. Tim


Thank you!

"...ordered from a different supplier by mistake, and was dissatisfied. Can I place an order for San Pedro cutting directly from you?"
Sun, 5 Jul 2015 / From: Kevin <nnnnnnnnnn@yahoo.com>

Hey Verne, I'm unsure of which adds on Ebay are from you guys? I ordered some cutting from a different supplier by mistake, and was dissatisfied. Can I place an order for San Pedro cutting directly from you? If so, I'd like 6 or so cuttings at least 12 inches of Cactus Kate. Just let me know. Thank you, Kevin - Sent from my iPhone
"...can not seem to find them on the usual marketplace I use (amazon)"
Thu, 2 Jul 2015 / From: Charles <nnnn@comcast.net>

Hello,  I have been a repeat customer of the San Pedro cactus cuttings. I can not seem to find them on the usual marketplace I use (amazon). I am looking for to purchase this or something similar. Can you assist me in this dilemma? Sent from my iPhone

Yeah, Amazon charges too much; $39/month = $478/year for the privilege of selling, then takes 15% commission, and wants everyone to offer free shipping. eBay is a bargain by comparison, and of course I sell direct right here from this site, loosing only the PayPal transaction fees.

Thu, 02 Jul 2015 / From: henrytt4us <hhhhh@aol.com>

"Recd wild Andes tricho today. Very impressive cutting. Thanks!!"

"Is this cutting ready to stick in the ground? Is it okay to start rooting it mid summer?"
Wow, that's some fast shipping. Thanks! Super excited to get this one planted, I've been watching your auctions for a year now and finally decided to pull the trigger. Is this cutting ready to stick in the ground? Is it okay to start rooting it mid summer?

Many thanks, Chris - Sent from my iPhone
Hello Chris, Yes, the cutting is healed and may be rooted. Use potting soil like I show how to make from store bought stuff...

Keep the container of soil fluffed up, set the cutting in gently, then fill up the last few inches around the sides. The size of your cutting requires it to be about 3-4" deep. Careful it does not fall over, too.

The point is to NOT compact the soil because a bit of air circulation is needed to keep it from rotting. If you sort of drop a big, heavy cutting into a pot of soil it will seal off the cut end -- sort of smothering it. Humidity will be unable to escape and it might mold/rot.


Never water a cutting you are waiting on to set roots. It has no roots to drink. Instead mist it at night -- that's the secret. Cactus open their stoma (breathing pores) at night to take in CO2 along with atmospheric moisture. Then they close in the day to keep water tight inside.

My point is you can actually "water" a cutting by gently misting the outside for the month or two it takes to send out expeditionary "root buds". Those buds then send out zillions of tiny hair like things to take in moisture from the soil.

Check for root buds like shown on the website. After they come out stop checking by lifting the cutting up.

Instead if you GENTLY lift the cutting you'll see the soil slightly rising, and feel a gentle tug-back. It is rooting and you don't want to break the delicate things...

Mon, 29 Jun 2015 / From: Mattias <mmmm@snyderitis.com>

Wonderful! Thank you for your quick response and shipping! The cuttings look strong and beautiful, and I can't wait to receive them!

June 26, 2015
Dear cactus_kate_trichocereus,

Hey. These are some really pretty bridgesii cuts, I'm excited I won! I built a hoop house this year, and I put my cactus next to all the tomatoes and stuff. The sun does beautiful things to these guys. I only wish I didn't have to keep them in pots where I live. I've eyed some of your nice fat spikey Peruvianus in the past, but I couldn't pass these up. Anyways, thanks for growing and offering these. - starpixels*83

"...I found your Wild Andes cactus on my trip to Peru."
 Sun, 21 Jun 2015 / From: Larry Parrish <llllllllll@yahoo.com>

Larry Parrish says: "...I found your Wild Andes cactus on my trip to Peru."
Larry...you're wonderful! Thank you so much!

"...is there anything I should be doing to see flowers?"
Sat, 20 Jun 2015 / From: Dallas L <gggggggg@gmail.com> / Subject: Flower

Hello! I bought some San Pedro cactus from the eBay store about 2 years ago from today and I must say they are thriving! Very easy to take care of and lots of pups - errr, well, at this point they're more than pups; however, they've yet to flower. I really want to see and smell the flowers, is there anything I should be doing to see flowers? Will they use more energy to flowering if they are watered more often? Thanks.
Only mature, older plants will flower. It just takes time.

"Dead in Chicago"

"I know you probably are not looking for a WWOOFer"
Sat, 20 Jun 2015 / Subject: Visiter? / From: brett <bbbbbbbbb@gmail.com>

Hello my name is Brett.

I am 24 years old but have been interested in gardening and ethnobotany for many of those years. I am coming to the west US (I live near the east coast) for the first time and plan to visit WWOOFing food farms.

I know you probably are not looking for a WWOOFer. However I was curious if you ever accept visitors? I'm interested in learning proper Identification of San Pedro and maybe some others with proper care. I'm also interested in other aspects of the farm but I mostly know you through your work with Cactus. I'm not sure of the date just yet but sometime during this summer.

I can give you more details if you wish but am keeping this short in case you are not interested. I will understand if you are not accepting visitors.

Thanks! & I appreciate your work (:
(above) Collie is a "woofer"& a "sniffer", too!
WWOOFer "Brett"

"Can I send you a m.o.?"
Sun, 14 Jun 2015 / From: Thomas <ttttttttt@gmail.com>

Hi Im in Carlton, OR and need some cacti for shamanistic purposes and I dont have a credit card. Can I send you a m.o.? How much for a 2 footer? Sorry for bugging you with questions lol.

"Cat Pedro"
June 13, 2015

Sat, 13 Jun 2015 / From: "Don Pelletier" <donp@pelletierhomes.com>

Hi, I was on your website looking to purchase a significant number of cactus—. I hope that you can answer these couple of questions RE: Trichocereus Pachanoi varietals. Here is what I am trying to accomplish with cactus:

We live in San Diego and our yard backs up to protected open space on 2 sides. There are quite a few sections of my fence that are up against this open space. One large area has direct eastern exposure in the morning. The other side has southwest exposure from noontime on. I would like to create a secure border-using cactus to accomplish this.

From what I have read on your site, it sounds as though the thorns on these cactus are not very sharp-like Prickly Pear, for example. Since I am looking to create a secure perimeter around my yard, do you happen to have any suggestions as to —what type— of cactus would be best to accomplish this?

Lastly, I am looking for a strain that will not grow much taller than 9 or 10 feet max-otherwise it will impair my view. Once I hear back from you, I should be ready to place my order. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Don

Sun, 7 Jun 2015 / From: R Joesten <jjjjjjj@gmail.com>

Thanx, Several years ago i bought two 5lbs orders of cuttings, they are now 30 some plants not counting those waiting to be rooted, or those i have gifted to others. Give aman a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime, or give an aspergian a cacti and some knowledge and he will run out of space to walk in the sunroom from october to may (Slightly pissed i couldn't attach a pic of how well the kids are doing) Rob J

"I have a Questition. Where did you come from?"
Sun, 7 Jun 2015 / From: alyona banina <elenbane@yahoo.com> / Subject: Pictures Plants -Pachanoi and more

Hallo, My Name is Marcus and i have seen your Pictures at the World Wide Web.You have very interesting Plants, so nice! My Hobby are Echinopsis Pachanoi ,Peru ,Lophophora Williamsii Plants .I have younger Plants and older and i love them. I have a Questition. Where did you come from? Do you Sale Pachanois and Seeds? Best Wishes Alyona Banina, Germany,T—bingen

I came from Mommy and Daddy.

 Sat, 6 Jun 2015 / Subject: Shipping time to SF Bay Area, CA / From: Erik  <eeee@gmail.com>

Hi there, In your experience, what's the average shipping time to the San Francisco Bay Area? Thanks, Erik


I live 90 miles east so FedEx Ground is virtually overnight, or 1- day for such local shipping.

Fri, 5 Jun 2015 / From: Jon <jjjjj@gmail.com>

hi there. I love in Santa Cruz, was wondering if I can buy some San Pedro in person instead of on eBAy? Thanks!

Sorry, no. As my eBay auctions state: There is no retail store. My home is private property.

She arrived today, beautiful!
Wed, 3 Jun 2015 / From: Nicole <nico......@gmail.com>

She arrived today, beautiful! Thanks. Sent from my iPhone

Wed, 3 Jun 2015 / From: Daniel B <b...beaver...@yahoo.com>

Verne, Thanks again for all your hard work and the beautiful specimens. They will find a happy home here. Dan B

Oh, nice collections! Thanks for the photo...
(below) Collie & Millie meet a
happy little dog at the 5th Annual
Golden Gate 4th July dog picnic.
Rough Collies meet cute little dog at Crissy Field in San Francisco

How many ribs on a seedling?
Mon, 25 May 2015 / From: mike d <tann........@gmail.com>

Hello sorry to bother you but it seems to me that you are the most experienced person available in the trichocereus genus and i was hoping you could answer this question for me.

Ive reciently purchased many t.peruvianus, t.pachanoi and t.bridgesii and upon growing them i noticed 100% of the seedlings have 8 ribs - is it common for these species to display 8ribs or do you think i was sold a different genus/species than what i was expecting?

I never paid attention to # ribs of seedlings or thought about that until you mentioned it.

Now that you bring it up I studied a photo on one of my seedlings from Knize back in 2006. It looks like it has 4 in the front so would have 4 more in back for 8.
Ribs vary with the age/maturity of the plant. More appear as it ages. Really old tips will end up with 9 - the most I've seen. 5 to 7 is most common for younger plants.

 I live in Michigan. Is it possible to keep the San Pedro in my basement which is heated...?
May 24, 2015
I live in Michigan. Is it possible to keep the San Pedro in my basement which is heated in the winter. I currently do the same for my 10 other cactus and bring them out after frost. Could it survive without any artificial light? This winter I used t-5 bulbs at 12 hours a day on timer. My cactus never went into dormancy. I'm referencing your 2 tip eBay item. Last question would be container size suggestion because I will be caring it down each fall winter. Life was easier when I lived in California. Thank you for your time. Darren

Have no experience with that. There is a cool cactus guy Daiv who is from that area. Try his http://cactiguide.com/places/ website. Very helpful.

wondering if it would be possible to come by and check out your cacti...?
Thu, 21 May 2015 /From: DJ End...  <end.....j@gmail.com>

Hi there. I actually live in California and was wondering if it would be possible to come by and check out your cacti and possibly buy one direct? I've actually purchased a San Pedro from you when I lived in Texas, but I had to leave it behind during the move. :( Thanks so much. -Michael

Sorry, no.

As my eBay auctions state: There is no retail store. My home is private property.
This is all ranch country...you don't want to trespass around here. Really!

I was sincerely impressed with the care that went into packaging this little gem
May 18, 2015 / From: jshtrost8 <jsh.....@gmail.com>
Hey, Verne! Sorry for the delay getting back to you; I'm a bit of a "technophobe"...Yes, I'd like to think that I "get it" some of the time, at least! I've been into orchids for years, & have gotten into carnivorous plants within the last two, so I can spot a passionate pro when I see one ;) . you have some beautiful dogs (& one hell of a cactus patch)! I'm limited to reptiles in the pet department myself, as alergies prevent my companionship with other mammals, sadly. They've gotten better over the years, but I'm still a ways away from cohabitation.

I'm happy to have made your day! I meant every word of it, though. I was sincerely impressed with the care that went into packaging this little gem; I've spent hundreds on single specimens that were just thrown in a box, with no thought given to the plant's well being outside the check clearing. I get down-right giddy when I see such a pro pack job! By all means, please feel free to post my comment, but I would very much appreciate you not publishing my full name, if you don't mind..

I'm recently branching out into cacti, & will definitely be placing more orders with you soon. Yours is exactly the type of outfit that I like to patronize...good people doing good things :) Thanks for getting back to me, Verne. All the best to you until we speak again! Take good care, Joshua


Thank you for the compliments. You made my day.

Thu, 30 Apr 2015 / From: Joey Mandilas <clarence95ny@gmail.com> / Subject: My name is on your website.

HHellMy name is on your website for a question i emailed you in confidence a couple years ago. can you please remove it?

I found it on the 2013 Forum page and removed it.

I received the most beautiful, healthy, happy cactus in the mail from your eBay store
Wed, 13 May 2015 /  From: jjjj....@gmail.com / Subject: Sacred Cactus website

I received the most beautiful, healthy, happy cactus in the mail from your eBay store yesterday. How much you care for these is evident in the thought invested in the packaging; I assumed I'd be receiving a much more stressed plant than I did, & your packing is to thank! I collect orchids & carnivorous plants, & from experience, it's generally only the upper echelon growers that ship with such care, & only upon either a super high-end (rare) plant, or a ridiculously expensive order. I'll be honest...I feared the worst ordering one plant with ground as the only shipping choice. I'm glad that I was so wrong! It is apparent that you love your plants, & in that, we share a great comraderi.

Thank you for this beautiful cactus, friend. I'm just now "getting into" them, & it's wonderful to have such a positive experience right off the bat. I gave you a positive review on eBay, but was limited to only 80 characters. If there's any other place you'd like me to leave a more detailed review, please say the word, & I'll happily oblige. Thanks again, & I look forward to future dealings with you :)

look around the site and read up...
Wed, 13 May 2015 / From: Crizz <crizz....@gmail.com>
Hi, can you check if this cactus is a real trichocereus pachanoi?

And can you tell me why is it growing so thin? Thank you

Who did you buy it from? What instructions are you following--for rooting it or for growing it?
This entire website is about propagation of Trichocereus, so look around the site and read up.

Sat, 9 May 2015 / From: Peter  <p....@gmail.com>

Hey man so i bought a few of your lovely cacti last month and have been trying to clone one or 2. just wondering though if the mother cacus will begin to grow again from the cut or what i need to do in order for it to start growing. once again, they are beautiful plants and i am very very pleased with them! just have that one question. get back to me when you can, thank you!

This entire website is about propagation of Trichocereus, so look around the site and read up.

Mon, 11 May 2015 / From: Damon  <d.........@yahoo.com> / Subject: Plating directly in ground

I am thinking of planting my Peruvian Torch, and my San Pedro cactus directly in the ground, could I just dig a 2 foot hole in the ground, then put a sand, perlite, and cactus soil mixture in the hole, then put the cacti in the hole and that's it?  Love and Light
-Damon Paul McGregor, M.A. / Owner and Director / 'Acadiana's Premier Painting Specialist' / http://www.facebook.com/appainting / (337)706-5200

Yes, as long as you are in zone 9 or better.

But the my question is, is there anyway you can ship to it India?
Sat, 9 May 2015 / From: "Ramnath S.P" <ram.sp089@gmail.com> / Subject: URGENT: Shipping enquiry

Hello, This is an follow up mail since there was no reply for my first mail. I greatly appreciate your work and i think its time i try out growing some of your best cuttings (rooted or not)(fastest growing strain suited in tropics). But the my question is, is there anyway you can ship to it India? Regards

I think I used a lame pre-made store blend...
Fri, 8 May 2015 / From: Shaman Essentials <shamanessentials@gmail.com> / Subject: Got a quick pedro question :)

Hey Racoony! Thanks for you time and your awesome guide! I've been growing Trichocereus Bridgesii from seed. I've had them for roughly 7 years~ and about to replant them, as I think I used a lame pre-made store blend (like 3yrs ago) and want to try your compost/soil mix. And I'll be doing it this weekend! My question is, should I top any of these? If so, can I replant the tops? Any other tips to get them healthy would be amazing!
There's some images attached :D They are all between 15"-18" tall, and 2" wide. Thanks a million for your time! -David
Lose the rocks; insects breed under them - the soil needs all the help it can get to breathe.
White pots let enough light through to grow algae that can be toxic. I don't see side holes at the bottom of the containers for water to drain. That can leave stagnant water in the bottom. The soil (close up) is too thick - does not look like it has enough drainage. Your plants are a sickly yellow-green indicating ill health. The skinny growth indicates inadequate light; they are etiolated. To save these repot them in larger containers with fresh potting soil + 50% #3 (large chunks) perlite or else use crushed rock about 1/4" to 1/2". More light! More nitrogen should help get them back to a dark emerald green.

Tue, 21 Apr 2015  / From: Leonidas  <leonidas....@yahoo.com>

Hello bobcat, My deepest apologize for the double e-mail I am sending. I spoke too early before I fully toured your sight. I have a strong interest in all the different variation and was hoping to make an order with the as many different types you wouldn't mind spreading. I notice you sell by the pound and I was hoping to get these in this spring. I'm not very concerned with the price especially since I believe I am asking for more that what you normally ship.  Thank you,  Leo  - Sent from my iPhone

 16 Apr 2015 / From: "Pete" <p........@gmail.com>

Dear Sir. I bought a rooted San Pedro from you that is entering its fourth season here at 10,000 ft near Nederland Colorado. Summers are perfect here, and we have large sunny windows for the winter. My friend— is thriving, thick and happy. I have a few questions for you. I very much value your opinion and experience. 1. What times of year— are your San Pedro usually active / dormant? 2. When is the best time to repot? I know a plant needs the natural world but I am instead planing on repotting into a large kiln fired pot with our local granite, some beautiful horse manure and perlite and I want to be as nice as possible to our San Pedro. 3. During winter dormancy, a rot like occurrence appears around some areoles and scars, and will later callous. Thank you so very much for doing what you do!

wanted to thank you for the San Pedro cuts!! They appear beautiful and healthy...
Sun, 12 Apr 2015 / From: Catherine  <ho.....@gmail.com>

Hi, I ordered two cuts of your San Pedro cactus from— amazon.com. I went back to amazon but the link to the page I purchased them from is now broken so I can't find a way to leave a review :<

I just wanted to thank you for the San Pedro cuts!! They appear beautiful and healthy and even though I ordered only two, for some reason I received four! Lol. I got your thank-you on the shipment info and I loved that the envelope with care instructions had my name hand-written on it. It was a great personal touch.

I will treasure these cuts and take excellent care of them. I'll be planting them soon, once the cactus soil I bought has fully dried out (it was kind of damp straight out of the bag).Thanks again! - Cat White

 The longer I have mine,the more respect I develop for them and the more incredible I realize they are
Mon, 16 Mar 2015 / From: Keith <sky.....@gmail.com> (Dallas, Texas)

Hey, I've been meaning to email you for quite some time. Skip to the last couple paragraphs to avoid reading all my ramblings. ;-) I bought a single cutting from you many years ago and want to thank you for your amazing website and dedication to these amazing cacti. The longer I have mine, the more respect I develop for them and the more incredible I realize they are. I have some info for you that I haven't found on any website and thought may benefit your customers. I'm in Frisco, a north Dallas suburb. After a few years of keeping my cacti in giant rope handle buckets and hauling them inside with a dolly every winter, my collection grew too large for this to be practical and I was also eager to see how they would thrive without restricted root growth.

However, there were a couple problems with planting where I live. First and most obvious it's too cold and second, in the high income yuppie community where my house is , (picked primarily for the great schools for my daughter and low crime, although I miss the country terribly!) I have to adhere to very strict home owners association guidelines. One of these guidelines prevents me from being able to erect a proper greenhouse anywhere on my property. Here's, how I mitigated this and discovered how resilient these plants are.

1) I dug a 20ft x 4 ft trench and backfilled with homemade soil per your instructions.
2) I harvest the cacti every year in order to keep them short enough to cover with a temporary hot frame between the first and last freeze.

Fast forward to now and this is what I've discovered. My native soil is VERY compacted clay with a high water table. I can almost grab the soil 3 inched down and fire it straight into pottery! However, as the cacti started reaching their roots beyond where I back filled, and as the backfilled soil began to compact and morph into this clay due to rain runoff, the cacti showed no signs of distress. I top mulch my cacti with leaves and grass clipping, but other than Thad do absolutely nothing and my 1 ft tall cacti continue to grow OVER 3 foot EVERY growing season!

I had one cutting in a non climate controlled closet on an exterior wall that I forgot about. I placed it lying on the enamel painted MDF shelf just before the first freeze in October. When I discovered it in May, it had rooted through the enamel paint and INTO the MDF shelf! It had 3 inches of fresh vertical growth that had curved from the tip and was a perfect bleach white. I hope some of this info can help your colder climate customers and once again, Thanks for everything you do! Sincerely, Keith

That is hilarious! You left a cutting in the closet...and it rooted itself into a medium density fiberboard (MDF) shelf?! That's wild!

March 20, 2015 / To: Cactus Kate Trichocereus Collection <cactus_kate@trichocereus.com>

Howdy Vern just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my order you didn't have to do that they are so beautiful thank you so very much can't begin to express my gratitude......loved them and you so much I just order two more thank you very much. Thank u so much it is greatly appreciated I can't wait I've heard really good things about your specimens I will treat them like family....I just bought my first house and plan on doing all my landscape with cactus so u will hear from me again very soon can't wait to do business again......Dylan

I noticed a Proposition 65 sticker on it mentioning birth defects and whatnot
Thu, 19 Mar 2015 / From: Jeremiah <snide.....@gmail.com> / Subject: sifter question

Verne, Thank you so much for the cacti. I bought the 3 pachanoi and 2 bridgesii that you recently sold on eBay. I bought some hardware cloth to make a sifter for the soil and I noticed a Proposition 65 sticker on it mentioning birth defects and whatnot. Is it referring to the zinc (which I know is fine for gardening) or something else and is it safe for my plants? Thanks, Jeremiah
The steel wire is galvanized - which can either be electroplated (expensive) or (cheeply) dipped in molten zinc to coat it. If the wire is hot-dipped, it might contain some lead because lead is mixed with molten zinc to make it more fluid. Electrogalvanized materials do not contain lead. Considering that it has a lead warning, it's probably hot-dipped. And its probably from China, the home of lead contaminated products.

Lead is everywhere in urban areas - left over from decades of burning gasoline with lead in it, and from paint dust remaining from centuries of lead based paints. The tiny amount that would possibly rub off from your hardware cloth, get into the soil, and be taken up in plants you consume is miniscule. If you're phobic about lead -- don't eat ocean fish. In fact Costco now posts a California Prop 65 warning about lead and other heavy metal contamination in the fish sections. I saw several signs over the salmon section but it killed sales (I suppose) so they moved to a single sign over the crab, lobster, and shell fish section.

Again, you can thank China for coal powered electrical plants with no EPA to limit what goes out the smoke stack. Coal is a mineral contaminated with a pallet of heavy metals. The fine powder - coal fly ash - blows out over the Pacific Ocean contaminating the water with heavy metals. The jet stream brings 25% of California's air pollution direct from China.

So, don't eat that hardware cloth. Don't eat ocean fish, don't breathe the air. But do try to live long and prosper.

Fri, 13 Mar 2015 / From: shawn<org...@yahoo.com>

Thanks, got it yesterday in perfect condition, it will be in the ground tommorow. I'll give it lots of love, and I'll let you after summer if it likes it in Yuma.

More to post when I have time... (july 7, 2015)
rough collie - lassie type sable & white collie

(right) Collie is a pedigreed Rough Collie with "Lassie type markings".

She is a therapy dog offering love & joy to strangers. In this photo she seeks out a woman at Crissy Field in San Francisco and well...you can see what happened. That's my girl Collie!
rough collie - lassie type sable & white collie

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