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Cactus Log: 2014 Updated:
March, 2014

This forum is a collection of email from
sacredcactus.com, trichocereus.com, sanpedrocactus1.com, as well as Amazon.com and eBay customers. Being a rural farmer prevents me from frequently updating the page. I save your correspondence until there is time to post stuff.

Need cactus identification? cactiguide.com — Daiv is very knowledgeable with a helpful site. He offers an identification guide, and active blogs for cactus hobbyists.

Send a few photos!
I'll try to post what I can.

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(above) Angel lives with the sheep
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This year people said...

"I took a few photos for you while in the garden today"
December 25, 2014

Thanks Verne. I took a few photos for you while in the garden today. Merry Christmas. Lawrence

"certified P Torch, looking for the real thing"
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 / From: HealthySWM@torguard.tg

Hello Do you sell certified P Torch, looking for the real thing from S. America
"Good to see you and the therapy dogs made it through the storm."
December 18, 2014

Thanks Verne and Angels for the GREAT cuttings and the freebee!!! Got the soil mixed and waiting for the Clone-X.

This cooler weather has all the Tricho's putting out new growth. As dumb luck would have it, a variety store is closing in my town so I got a good deal on a heater to keep the chill off the cacti.

Good to see you and the therapy dogs made it through the storm. As always, I do enjoy the stories and pictures and all your hard work as evidenced by the outstanding cuttings.

I hope you all have a great week and stay in torch, I mean touch, ha ha.

Your friend always, Charles.

"you did me right by including the two extra cuttings"
November 22, 2014

Dear cactus_kate_trichocereus, Hey, just wanted to say that all is well that ends well and I think you did me right by including the two extra cuttings to make up for lost time. Hope you have a great thanksgiving and I look forward to doing business in the future, - kaiser_adam
"I recently acquired a San Pedro cactus, or so I was told."
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2014  / From: "Sean Wenzfield" <yytzpa@mail>

Hey, I'm Stephen and I recently acquired a San Pedro cactus, or so I was told. I have used your site to learn plenty about Trichocereus Pachanoi and Peruvianus but I was wondering if you could tell me any more about actually confirming the cactus as a San Pedros. Additionally, any information about what cuttings from it could be grafted to in order to accelerate growth would be appreciated. Thank you, Stephen
"how often I should be watering it, does it need fertilizer, etc."
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 / From: Linda Vaudreuil <heyspenza@hotmail.com>

Hello, I am hoping you can offer some cactus advice. I acquired an 8 foot tall San Pedro Cactus and I repotted it on my own about 3 years ago. The small plastic pot it was in wasn’t heavy enough to keep it stable. When I repotted it, it wasn’t exactly vertical, and now over the years I have seen new shoots growing straight up from the slanted ones. I am wondering if I should cut off the slanted ones or leave them. I don’t want to compromise the entire plant. Also, I am wondering how often I should be watering it, does it need fertilizer, etc. It appears to be healthy with the exception of a brown patch or two it has had for years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. There aren’t many cactus experts here in New Hampshire. Thank you. Linda
Sent from Windows Mail
"a very large San Pedro cactus growing near the garage...A month ago it fell over."
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2014 ? From: alan linzer <alz@karie.com>

Hi, I have enjoyed browsing your web site and appreciate the vast amount of knowledge you are sharing. My wife bought a house in San Pedro, CA in 1979 that had a very large San Pedro cactus growing near the garage. The house was built in 1902, the garage probably around the same time and the cactus has probably been there almost as long. A month ago it fell over. I have rescued as much as I can and hope to start many new plants from the original. I have attached a few photos.

My main question for you is this. I live in Boulder Creek, CA (the Santa Cruz mountains as you probably know). I brought the cuttings here and have laid them out on a tarp in my backyard which is along side Boulder Creek. (see photo) Do you think they will be okay in that position until...WARNING: The remainder of this message has not been transferred. The estimated size of this message is 6824881 bytes.
Sorry...I have a server file size limit set. Your image(s) are 100 times too large. Use jpeg compression?

"We had a cold spell and I'm thinking it froze"
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 ? From: Esley Miller <redrum66miller@att.net>

I purchased a San Pedro cactus approximately a year ago. It has been a very awesome cacti. It has grown about two feet. We had a cold spell and I'm thinking it froze. It broke in half. Do you think it is worth saving? I have the broken part sitting on my counter and I feel so bad for it. I truly love my cactus. Do you have any suggestions on what to do? It's like it's sitting here crying. Any suggestions would be most greatful!! Thanks, Rhonda
"I just want to say please keep up the amazing work"
November 13, 2014 / Dear cactus_kate_trichocereus,

Hello there! jus It wanted to compliment you on your lovely cacti :) They are beautiful! If you have a moment, I am curious how your passion developed and what inspires you about them. I also understand you may be extremely busy or might not want to answer questions, and if that's the case, then I just want to say please keep up the amazing work :)  Thank you so much! Have a great day! - glasstronaut
"I received an email from ebay threating me with being banned"
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2014 / From: Mark Harvey <markharvey4@gmail.com>

Hi Was just interested if you have ever had problems selling on eBay. I listed 12" cuttings in the UK they sold, but after I received an email from ebay threating me with being banned from the site if I tried to sell them again as it breached there drugs policy. I have big plants all growing in the ground some are inside and some unprotected outside, they,re not the best plants to grow outside in England but they do grow thick but slowly, they do get plenty of water here. I have two types a very blue one and a green one. Regards Mark
"didn't make it back to a computer to bid "
Dear cactus_kate_trichocereus, hello, i was interested in purchasing this cactus, but i have been out of town and didn't make it back to a computer to bid on it before it the auction ended. is it still available, and is there any way to purchase it?  thank you. - kathyrigby
"stumps that grow new nodes"
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2014 / From: Fred Weckerling <amor.odium@gmail.com>

i saw your pages with the t. peruvianus stumps that grow new nodes. would you be willing to sell or know where to acquire those?
"Any opportunities for volunteering/work trade?"
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2014 / From: Scott Fredell <scottfredellart@gmail.com>

Greetings, I am an artist (attached a few freehand drawings to this email) and plant lover from Minnesota and plan on heading west soon. I love cactus and have brought a few here home from my travels and grown them over the years. I Would like to learn more about growing and caring for them. I would like to grow them here and share this wonderful plant with Minnesota. Any opportunities for volunteering/work trade? Thanks. Peace and Health. Scott
WARNING: The remainder of this message has not been transferred. The estimated size of this message is 15566248 bytes.
Sorry...No volunteer/work trade opportunities. I live alone. Also there is a server limit; try using jpeg compression to keep files size below 5 MB?
"stop the item not paying process"
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 / From: Schoellhorn <ricardo@schoellhorn.ch>

Hi there...I bought some cacti on ebay from you. Somehow I can't contact you anymore there. I already asked you there but please send me a total of all the cacti plus postage and stop the item not paying process. User: sinsem123 Best regards, Fabian Schoellhorn
I don't ship to Switzerland.

"mad love and respect for all your great work!"
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 / From: Landon bunner <landonbunner@gmail.com>

Hello =) Hope all is well. First off I must say BRAVO! I spend So much time looking through your images, yall are very talented and passionate... and then a bit more! You respect these amazing beauties like me and that warms my heart! I have a question or two. I was gifted a large collection that seems to be mostly sourced from you and knize, I have a blast looking through your images and finding mine that are (maybe) matches!

I would really like to add a few particular varieties to my lot. I have only 2 monstrous "peni" form; one shot pheno and one long. I would love to own a small group of the short for and wonder if any ever become available also the costs the run. I hope to have a crest or two one day, but that's outta my price range and I cant find a show near Chicago were I could maybe find a trade one for trade for one of my 4 footers.

I'm also interested in a TJJ, I think I have one, though I decided the genius its myself..and, well..yea. lol. I'm going to go through your ebay and see what is listed, I mainly just wanted to send mad love and respect for all your great work! I hope to have a heated greenhouse by next season so I can up my cactus hoarding =P. Thank you in advance, I have to go as it is bach time for the "blues and small torches" and they get upset if I'm late. Lando

"Please give me order instructions"
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 / From: textlea <textlea@yahoo.com>

Please give me order instructions and prices for San Pedro catus Sent from my MetroPCS 4G Android device
"With Bitcoin I would conserve my anonymity"
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2014

Hello, are you willing to sell your San Pedro to my different customers by accepting bitcoin as payment? That way I would conserve my anonymity. Thank you. Monty
"What section would that (sand) be in at Lowes?"
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 / From: Darren <dtanthony2003@yahoo.com>

Course sand at Home Depot or Lowes, what section would that be in? Is that the same sand used to make concrete? Any suggestions on where to get the top dressing that your using to keep the soil in? Thank you for your support. Darren
"Can you help Identify this cactus?"
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2014 / From: Mike Herlihy <mike@m29.com>

Subject: Sacred Cactus website - Can you help Identify this cactus? Visiting your site you seem like a very good authority on the subject. thanks Mike.
"Can I come to your house and buy in bulk?"
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 / Interest in purchasing a bulk amount of San Pedro cacti / From: Kennan Grigg <kennangrigg@gmail.com>

I've taken interest in the san pedro cactus for quite a while now. The only means I have of obtaining some is through amazon and i'm never even sure if it's the right type or if it's lineage is sub-par to what I could obtain.

It say's on your website that you guys are located in the bay area and I live in the area and would be much more interested in a pickup/delivery or a specified order then making multiple orders and pay shipping for all of them. I'm not trying to get a redundant amount of cactus cuttings, but maybe somewhere between 10 and 15, enough to decorate and cover some of my garden perimeter.

I was hoping doing bulk would maybe ease the prices a little but i'm willing to pay whatever price (unless it's cheaper to get it through you guys on amazon somehow) because you definitely seem like the most professional dealer I can find, and you happen to be in my area so it seems like the most convenient option. If there's some other way i'm supposed to contact you guy's please let me know because this is all I could find from the website. Thank you for taking the time to read this, hopefully I can get a response.
I don't have enough to sell "bulk"...only enough to get by each year... my home is private property—there is no retail store


Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2014  / From: Taryn Elayne McVicker <t_mcvicker@hotmail.com> 

I have 2 San Pedro cacti, I was just wondering if any of yours have ever bloomed? If so what color? I have all kinds of cacti inside my house as I just had to bring them in, as the weather is changing… but aall of my other 17 different kinds stay outside all winter (Ohio). My children are all grown so now I can have my cactus back in my life! Thank-you,Taryn Elayne McVicker
Look in the navigation bar for Flowers?
(below) I shot this photo from my deck. Really. The collies watch, it being Millie's first time to see the miracle of tiny sheep falling out of the mama.

I would like to cut them and make more cacti :)
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2014 / Subject: Request for advice for my 2 cacti / From: Roy Stem <roystem@live.nl>

Dear Mr cactus,

I love your website, very informative and very nice pictures :) I'm currently in possesion of 2 San Pedro cacti. These were give to me by a friend and for a while stood unlooked at on my balcony.

I started giving them a shedload of water a year or 3 ago again and now they've grown a lot taller then when i got them. You can probaby see by looking at them when they started getting plenty of water. the one on the reight grew that whole new top in only 2 years. Same rate for the one on the left.

Now I would like to cut them and make more cacti :) Can you give me some adice on where exactly to cut them and how big the cuttings need to be? I understand that I just need to let them dry and put them in dry soil for a bit to make them root. They're currently sitting in normal store bought potting soil. So far it seems to work well. I have no garden so I cannot stick them into the ground as I'd like too.

As you can see they are a bit bent and i'd like to get them as straight as I can so they don't fall over and fall to the floor.

I do plan on using a lot bigger pots (as big as my windowsill will allow). I want them to get nice and fat :) But I almost have to keep them inside 24/7 because of the climate and my 2 cats who seem undeterred by the spikey green playthings.....

With kind regards,

Roy Stemerdink.
The Netherlands.

Maybe someone can email you this advice...


what books do you suggest to read? What videos or websites...?
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2014 / Subject: Where to start? / From: Don Mateo Sol <sol@lonerwolf.com>

Hello, I've been reading through your site and have found a lot of great and useful information to pursue my interest in growing San Pedro's and cactis in general. I sewed seeds 4 months ago, left them in a zip lock bag and opened them up after 3 months to find little seedlings there (I think it was pure luck cause I have no clue what I did). It's the middle of winter here in Australia so I'm struggling to figure out where to go from here. I have a greenhouse I might try put to use to encourage my SP to blossom. My question is, what books do you suggest to read? What videos or websites to expand my knowledge on the subject as a complete beginner? I read on your website about cacti pollination and all these other useful tips that sound helpful but I'd like to create a foundation of knowledge. Thank you for your help, Mateo
(above) On July 4th we spotted this Lassie type collie on the beach in San Francisco. Soon she was hugging and smoozing with my 2 Lassies.

Date: June 29, 2014 / Subject: Please Read / From: Bailey Bison <obsidiancactus@gmail.com>

Your website is such a joke. Get some real pachanoi and stop ripping people off with that shitty pc clone that nonbody wants. I find it hard to believe that someone who sells san pedro for a living could be such an arrogant jerk. QC

Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 / From: Joshua J Parker <gaenjjp@aol.com>

Got my 5lbs t. pachanoi today. 3 beautiful huge cuttings weighing 7lbs total! You're the man Verne! Thanks so much for your dedicated master farming & keeping the bloodlines pure!

In two summer's I'm sending pics & short summary of my propagation tech methods & results of winter indoor experiments. Gonna cut a 6in log off bottom of one for winter side long rooting experiment with another upright generic pachanoi I have & let the other 3 hibernate, hedge my bets.

I guarantee if anyone can have innovative & impressive indoor/winter results/methods to teach it will be me. I'm the MacGyver of gardening. Contact you in summer of 2016. (You're all go-ahead Dr Frankenstein try to cheat mother nature, WATCH ME.)

My rough collie, named Collie, has to greet every dog at the beach. Here she is meeting a 10 month old coliie like herself and giving a hug for emotional support.

Collie is a Therapy Dog.

Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2014 / From: Kyle Hanson <kyle2by4@yahoo.com>

Hello! I recently bought two trichocereus bridgesii cactus top cuttings that came in the mail fully calloused and they're decently firm. However, I was wondering if I could cut one and plant the top after it heals. I'm sure it would stress the plant but want it to grow. Is it possible to cut a cutting from a cutting that is healed and plant? Thanks
It sounds like you have never rooted one before? Basic advice that new people rarely heed; the larger the cutting the more energy it has to root and the more skin to photosynthesize for energy so the faster it will grow. Forget cutting up cuttings into pieces. I don't do it.


Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 / Subject: Great website / From: gggiiieeesss <gggiiieeesss@hotmail.com>

Good evening, First I would like you to know how great your website sacredcactus.com is. Great! info and pics :-). On your seedlings2 page there is this pic of lots of Peruvian seedlings. Do you mind my asking the source of the seeds? I am very new to this phantastic hobby of growing cacti. Your site is very informative. First time grower, 41 out of 47 seeds of tr. pachanoi have germinated, 3 weeks after sowing :-))
Thank you. Kind regards, Gisela

Love your website and your 'No BS attitude'
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 / From: Alexander Barringer <axbarringer@gmail.com>

Hey Cactus Kate,

Love your website and your 'No BS attitude'. I have a question and a comment: First, I am attempting to germinate cacti for the first time. Was wondering if polyurethane plastic ice cube trays could be considered to keep seedlings separate?

And my comment is a suggestion for a book I am reading, Plant Intelligence & the Imaginal Realm. Eye-opening and beautifully written while somewhat technical in parts, but well worth the time in my opinion. Best wishes, Alex
Seed growing is very tricky because you have to maintain temperature, moisture, light, nutrients for many months. I don't transplant them until they are a year old. That is a long term commitment to raising a tiny, delicate thing. Too much light kills them, if they dry out...if they get moldy...

My point is you can't just use an icecube tray -- you have to set up a protected space with well draining soil. I use distilled water on them with small amounts of plant food. Seed growing cactus is a hobby that requires learning, experience, and long term dedication. The first 2-3 years is slow.


Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 / From: Greg <redblessings222@yahoo.com>
Subject: question about drying a cut cactus

Hi, I'm starting to get interested in San Pedros and have a question about propagation. Your site says to let the cut dry and heal for 2 weeks, I'm curious why the 2 week period is necessary. It seems like they dry overnight. I have cut and transplanted over 1000 dragon fruit cuttings without any regard to drying or healing, just plugging them straight into soil and it works about 100% of the time for me.  Thanks for the website there is some good info in there. Greg

If you try that with Trichocereus the cut end will get infected with mold/bacteria, etc. It is NOT like plant cuttings that are cloned wet. You just have to get a good callous to prevent it getting slimy with rot.

How long really depends on weather - hot and dry speeds it up, but during cold, rainy weather you can have problems drying the cut ends. You'll learn from experience just as I have.


June 11, 2014
Verne, Thanks once again for the beautiful specimens. Each order you seem to outdo the previous. The last batch is rooted well and almost doubled in size. I can't wait until I can move these new cuttings out into the rain and Sun with the rest. Dan B

Date: Sun, 25 May 2014

Dear Verne, feathered, furry, and fleeced Angels, how's Trich's? (OK, enough of that!)

Attached is a picture I took this morning of several containers of San Pedro logs. Last year I purposely purchased a small pile of THIRD RATE logs from another vendor on eBay. We're talking dumpster quality, 3/4 dead, shriveled, desiccated crap and planted them according to the directions on your web site.

After they started rooting, I poured on the kelp and worm compost after adjusting my water's PH, with vinegar, to a more acceptable level of 6.0 to 6.5 ish. Once again, according to the directions/advice on your web site, and now they are BURSTING with healthy new offsets! In fact, I now have TONS of new growth and offsets on ALL of my Tricho's.

It just blows me away how FAST these things grow and proliferate! Every week, there is something new growing, sprouting, or splitting out of my cacti. The REALLY awesome thing is, I'm about 3 points smarter than Michael Jackson's monkey and it all seems so easy. I just followed your advise, step by step, and BOOM!!!!!!! New growth EVERYWHERE!!!

I can't thank you enough for allowing me FREE access to the MOST comprehensive information about growing cacti on the web. And believe me, I've wasted hours looking here and there only to come back to your page.

I hope you and all of your Angelic Beasts have an outstanding summer and I'll send more pic's in the fall.

Sincerely, Charles Shoemaker

May 22, 2014
hi, im maciek
i wanna ask you about shipping to poland-costs, time, etc have you ever sent to poland? im interested in San Pedro cactus cuttings looking forward for an answer ~ maciek
Cannot ship internationally because of customs; they quarantine any plants...Sorry.

Angry Frank My comments
May 18, 2014  freewheelinfrank1369@yahoo.com
Hello, I just received very nice cactus specimens from you. They all
look to be uncut and have dry bottoms.
Can I put them in the ground
like this or do I need to cut and dry the bottoms before planting?
Thanks and have a great day. Freewheelin Frank
I have no record of any sale to that email address.
my order ID is 113-9937350-0476209
Oh, that was an order on Amazon.com. You contacted me through my eBay website. I had no way of knowing who "Freewheelin Frank" was.

Literature was included with the items--referencing my website for additional information. Verne
Ay Verne, There are 3 websites listed. Which one do you suggest I use to get a simple answer to my simple question? Or is not answering your customers questions part of your policy? Come on guy.

I thought maybe you have had time calm down from whatever your problem was and answer my question before I submit my feedback to Amazon. Guess not. Seems like a lot of headache for a simple question you could have answered in your first response.
My Amazon review will read as follows:
Beautiful Cacti. However, I had a question regarding propagation that wasn't mentioned on either of the three websites or in the literature, yes three different websites. I contacted the owner Verne via one of the sites and received two very terse, and downright unfriendly responses. Not sure if Verne was having a bad day, or what, but there is certainly zero customer service after the sale. I will not buy from this unfriendly company again.
The literature and the website is all I have to give, Frank—and photos of my dogs.
May 7, 2014 / Charles in Texas

Hey Verne and Angels. Just wanted to say that I've bought several of your cacti, read your web site, followed your advise, and they are all growing like wild freaking monkeys!!! I hope this post may help others. JUST READ AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!! It's not rocket science, just cactus.
Sincerely, Your friend, Charles.
Date: Tue, 6 May 2014 / From: Charles in Texas

Dear Verne, Millie, and the gang. Thanks so much for the GIANT Bridgesii and all the freebees!!!! I can't believe how BIG they are! I do have my Clonex, kelp, worm dirt, and liquid compost and just ordered some worms and mycozyme stuff to round out the "living soil". I do enjoy the mystery cuttings. I have three that were hot dog size from last year and they are growing like no bodies business along with all the other cacti I have ordered. I so enjoy just looking at the new growth and have just added an evaporative cooler to the cactus house to keep the Texas summer heat under control.
Thanks again for the pictures and stories. Millie looks like a fine young lass that will be a trusted friend for years to come.
Thanks again soooo much to the attention, detail, and love that go into what you do!
Your friend, Charles.
Thanks for the photos of your growhouse. At first glance I thought it was my house!

May 3, 2014 Seller confusion on Amazon...

I am anxious about a couple of reviews that say the trimmings are moldy/smaller. I'm really hoping for very high quality San Pedro; if I need to place a separate order for your best cuts please contact me! Really looking forward to my new plants!! -Leah

I don't know what reviews you read on Amazon. This item (San Pedro cuttings) is sold by 4-sellers: AWCO1988, Sandman Sacred Cactus Highest Quality, Unknown, and myself—Cactus Kate. Although I believe the first 3 are all aliases to the same guy.

Amazon does this to force competition. I can't even find my own feedback most of the time...and I've been selling on Amazon since 1998. Many of my customers are confused and have left feedback for me but to the wrong seller. Purchasers of the "other guy" have contacted me with complaints not realizing they did not buy from me.

This should link to my feedback: Cactus Kate™ on Amazon


Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2014 / From: Ryan <ho..........@hotmail.com>

Hi Verne! My name is Ryan & I found your sites about 6 months ago. Over the last year or so I have become very interested in growing San Pedro cacti. My birthday was this past week & a few of my friends pitched in money and got me a beautiful 3 cluster pedro from your ebay site! Needless to say I am very excited! I only have a little experience in growing things.. mostly succulents, tomatoes, herbs and fungi… but I am pretty confident that I will be able to manage these guys as they seem pretty hardy.

After spending several hours browsing your site, (which is quite an impressive amount of info u have put together!!) I am still kind of wondering what the next steps for me to take should be...

I am guessing that the stalks are not rooted in the pot that you shipped them in, so I am thinking that I should be looking into repotting them into large containers.. I am also wondering if they will be fine to grow outside here in georgia, where we have hot summers & a pretty humid climate. I know that several of my neighbors have tons of cacti growing around outside and my succulents seem to do just fine outdoors if I move them in during the winter. Also how long should I wait after they root until I can take cuttings from these to propagate more plants?

Sorry for asking so many questions!! I am sure it is frustrating with all of the time you have spent putting together your websites :(  Thanks for your time man!  - Ryan

PS: The pic of you back in the day wearing the tie dye standing in front of your old house is just…..just…. amazing :)

Thanks! Laura Isler took that photo of me while standing on a step ladder. That was a few years before she married Scott who completed his Ph.D in Physics at Stanford. Laura was an aeronautical engineer I met when I wroked on the Space Shuttle motion simulator at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. That was one of my favorite shirts puchased at a Grateful Dead Concert -- from vendors in the parking lot.

Those cuttings grew to be huge and when I moved to the country in 2004 they became the seeds of my current cactus growing farm. They were all direct cuttings from Cactus Kate's place in Watsonville.

Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2014 / From: Abijah ... <....@abijahchristos.com>
Hello, I've ordered San Pedro cactus from you in the past, and was really impressed with your care and thoughtfulness…
And thats why I was wondering if you have an work opportunities at your cactus farm. I believe your cactus has a profound healing effect, and I'd like to learn how to cultivate it so I can share this gift with the rest of the world.
Thank you, Abijah

Wow. I went to your website where your video plays about how to market Natural Products and services to help people achieve health and wellness...that will make my customers "raving fans" who will buy anything I have to sell. How to get more customers and make more money. I dunno...gotta go feed the dogs and collect the chicken eggs. But thanks for the video. ~ Verne

Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 / From: "cthomas....@yahoo.com"

Thanks for the awesome specimens. You have an awesome job and did an excellent job. Casey.

April 13
First of all I would like to thank you for the wonderful website you maintain, it has helped me with my young gifted plant(now several) many times over the past year.  The reason I am contacting you is that I would love to add some genetic diversity to my garden and, after much reading, have come to a conclusion that I don't know where to purchase trustworthy seeds from. My first instinct was to check your ebay store for seeds, only to find (beautiful)cuttings. Could you possibly give me a recommendation as to a quality vendor for a small(25-50) amount of trichocereus, macrogonis, bridgesii, and I would like a high quality peruvianus as well. Or if by any chance you would be able and willing to supply me directly, I would be ever in your karmactic debt, and would hold their genetic line with very high esteem. I do intend on purchasing some cuttings in the near future as well, but I have always been enamored with caring for my plants from start to finish.  Thank you very much for your time, as well as the wealth of information you have brought forth, Michael Getman

Well, Knize is probably dead...some say. The only sources I use are:
http://www.succseed.com  and http://www.koehres-kaktus.de/shop/index.php/cPath/1_281

April 9, 2014
I live south of Phoenix, AZ and have had wonderful success with trichocereus cactuses. I see in your photo gallery gloves worn by your handlers. Can you give me information on them and where I can purchase same? I use old bath mats to handle the cuttings, etc. because no garden center has what is needed for these glorious specimens. Linda Gordon


Gloves won't help. I focus on tweezers, and Costco 3-paks of band aids with neosporin are a good buy. Have tweezers in the bathroom, bedroom, and at the computer.

Tweezer that have needle point, sharp tips to puncture the skin and drain the infected spine. Also a pair of good gripped ones to grab a subcutaneous tip of spine and pull it out. You have to get surgical grade ones $25 and up.

But mostly you have to let them drain (pus out) by repeatedly opening the wound.

The ones that hit bone and break off are the worse. Wrist bones, fingers, forearm, and even my skull when a P.Torch fell over on it.

2" peruvian torch spines go right through leather. Hit bone and break off -- so you have to learn surgery to keep the wound open as one's body "puses out" the organic material. I was taught by an ER surgeon.

Once I had to have a plastic surgeon get one out that went in my knee. He was a funny guy. Don't use iodine on the wounds, use neosporin I was told.

An ounce of prevention, of course, is to use bath towels or mexican blankets folded and wrapped around the tip when you harvest it. Twist the towel into a handle your helper holds then use a huge chef's knife to whack through like a samurai swordsman.

The best way is that 3" wide cotton tie webbing. Use a section maybe 3-4 feet long. Tie a knot in one end then slip the other through it like a noose. Put that noose around the tip when you chop off that Peruvian Torch tip. It will hang by the strap as you carry it to the cart.

It is amazingly effective and faster than the folded towel method.

Oh, and wear gloves. They sell them at Lowes or Home Depot.

But the best gloves? The feed store has a line of special leather gloves and one kind had darn near impenetrable palms. My pair are so worn out I can't read the label anymore.

But I don't use gloves to the amazement of my helpers. There are tricks to grab the ribs with finger tips to lift and carry tips. Some spines are soft and flexible so you grab the column and move your hand upwards folding the spines down as you grip harder. That's a cool trick! Do you skin your own sheep? What's a good skinning knife that won't go dull every 5 minutes?


Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2014 / From: "baciliolemus@yahoo.com" <baciliolemus@yahoo.com>

I potted my cactus and its like mushy and brown on the base. does it really NEED special soil for it to root. im using a some soil I have in my vegetable garden its all dirt with mulched up palm tree leaves and decomposed leaves from trees n such.

You did not purchase from me. I include literature, and this site has info as well.

Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 / From: Adam <adam_mcintosh@yahoo.com>
Hello, My name is Adam McIntosh. You have an awesome website! The pictures are amazing! Whenever I'm on the Internet I always seem to end up back on your site browsing the pictures. Do you grow/sell 4 rib san pedro? If so please let me know via email. Thank you for keeping the culture alive and true. It is very inspiring as I have been a cacti enthusiast for roughly a year now. Thank you for your time. Adam

March 28, 2014
Dear zircon6, Hi there, I just ordered a plant. I wanted to say thank you in advance! We've worked with this sacred plant both in Peru and locally. We are both energy medicine practitioners (healers in the South American Shaman traditions). Its great to see someone who respects it and grows it as you do with such love and care. We look forward to receiving it! Much love, Eden + John (johnandeden.com) - khyberclark

I did not sell you anything...ask the person who sold them to you...?
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 / From: nasty_nate_84 <nasty_nate_84@yahoo.com>

Hey cactus kate my name is nathan I bought these cacti and two of them started to rot about a month or so after propagating the soil is dry I bought a soil meter it reads 1 about as dry as it can get although I found this rot whenever I was repotting with more cacti soil so I am hoping that damp soil was the case I did cut the cacti down until I saw fresh good lookig green flesh let them sit on my table to callous because it has been cold kinda and rainy the next day or to they calloused good today I got my ezclone rooting gel I painted one cactus with it a thin ayer on the bottom as well as up the side abt an inch how
l do I actually use this rooting gel and how long should I leave it out before planting back in my very dry very rocky soil?  And about how long will it take to start seeing roots? And should I repaint the rooting gel on them again since I painted a thin layer? Will it hurt it if I do? Ive been trying to root these for a month and a half only to see rot lol any other info would be great I have NEEM, EZCLONE, rooting powder, rooting liquid, as well as a soil/light/water meter to meter the dryness/wetness of my soil I have included some pics of the rot and pics from yoday a couple days later after I cut to healthy green flesh please help me lol thank you god bless you
When I sell cuttings literature is included with reference to pages on the website to help you.
http://sanpedrocactus1.com/propagation.htm / http://sanpedrocactus1.com/winter_rooting.htm

March 19, 2014
Hello! i'll have to bother you with the cacti disease question... i have inherited a lot of san pedro cacti from my father and i've been through your webpage a million times, since i don't have much knowledge on this and my dad is kind of dead so i can't ask him.i have put them in a cold darker spot through the winter like he used to do, but since this winter was not very cold some of the cacti (3 out of 15)started to get a disease, something like you describe in the form of a black dot (proably fungi) but there is also this alienish green thing growing out of the dot (couldn't find anything of this sort on the web). i have a few questions:
1. can i just cut the dots out since there are not more than 3-4 on one cacuts?(don't judge me, i'm a doctor, we cut stuff out:D)
2. do i cut the cactus below the infection and just throw it out?
3. i've moved the cacti outside, do i just wait for them to fight the infection once they get used to the normal environment?
4. do i just throw away  whole infected cactus?
5. dammit and thank you for the answer:)

My website is about healthy conditions for plants because disease is a function of the absence of adequate light, healthy soil, clean water at the correct PH, etc. Your off handed comment about "putting them in a cold darker spot...like he used to..." -- that says it all. You are doing something I have never done, will never do, and would never advise anyone to do. I can only guess your plants need to be repotted in fresh soil and given proper care -- bright light, warmth, lots of clean water ~ PH 6.5. But since you are a "Doctor" you will not do what I would... but instead you will mutilate them since, as you say, -- "i'm a doctor, we cut stuff out:D"

San Pedro have grown in the wild for millemiums without the need for any human to "cut stuff out." But what do I know? I have so many thousands of these plants I would not attempt to count them all. But I can count the times I've had to "cut stuff out" in the past 10 years. Zero.


Thank you for this photo of Kelsey

Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2014 / From: Dennis <nnnnnn@yahoo.com>

Hi Verne, I received the cactus today. Beautiful plant. I was wondering if you have any larger San Pedro for sale? And if any larger ones with pups?  So your mom went to New Rochelle high school. What a small world, lol. Unfortunately, parts of New Rochelle have fallen to the roadside. It's a shame, it has so much history and all in all is a beautiful town. Please let me know about the larger ones if available. Thank you
Cheers, Dennis

March 18, 2014
Hello. We planted some San Pedros in Amado Arizona at 3000 ft. elevations and they died in a frost. Is that unusual? I read they grow at 3000 feet in the Andes, so I think they wouldn't perish in a freeze in Arizona. They are susceptible to cold? I ask because I wasn't there, and I wonder if they got too wet and rotted or something. Thank you very much.
Did you take into account the latitude? Trichocereus grow at high elevation but in equatorial regions; mountain peaks bathed in tropical Pacific ocean fog drifting over to the Amazon rain forest on the other side.

Arizona has hardiness zones from 4b to 9b. Only the later is safe for tips about 3-4" in diameter. Smaller diameter can freeze solid, killing the plant.

I Googled your location— Amado AZ is in USDA Hardiness Zone 8b: temperatures drop to 15F — 20F. That will freeze them solid, killing the plant tissues with ice crystals. Nature is a classroom teaching us 24/7. Sometimes we flunk a quiz...


Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2014 / From: Brandon Diyle <brandondoyle804@gmail.com>
Hi my name is brandon doyle i wood like yo by some of ur seeds and cuttings i live in galveston texas do im pritty close im from sacromento cali i wood love to by from u give me a call do we can talk bizz 409-996-9104
Sent from my iPhone

March 12, 2014
Dear zircon6, Hello I'm Slawomir and I'm very interested in your beautiful plants. Will it be possible to ship one of them to Poland? I hope it's not a problem for you. Best regards Slawomir - slavomiruss
Cannot ship internationally due to customs declarations. All fruit, vegetables, animals, and plants have to be inspected, quarantined, and require importation certificates.

Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 / From: Michael Audet <audetmichael333@yahoo.com>

Could I get some cactuses shipped to canada? please let me know :)

Cannot ship internationally: http://sanpedrocactus1.com/buy_direct_details.htm

"No international sales ­ Because plants cannot be exported without very time consuming, expensive paperwork­such as Dept. of Agriculture quarantine, phytosanitary permit, customs declarations, etc. I don't want to drive 200 miles round trip to an agricultural inspection/quarantine station, and fill out pages of paperwork for customs, etc. International plant shipping is only for large corporations, or research scientists. "

ok. So could I buy seeds from you? or do u know anyone selling seeds or plants that's in Canada?

Don't sell seeds. Sorry. ~Verne

River's Source Botanical friend Don Felipi reopens an old wound — "The Buddha way of loving kindness and forgiveness isn't your way..." he says; "I pray for you"
Update 2014: The Don Filipe letter

Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 / From: Don Felipi

I read you thing about RSB, maybe I'm prejudice because I know them personally. Phil mentioned your thing from 8 or so years ago. He said what I can also read in your report - that you are an intensely angry person and hold grudges, The Buddha way of loving kindness and forgiveness isn't your way.

No harm done, RSB's been in business since 1993 and hasn't suffered because of your rage. But I'd be sure I speak for the kind of person Phil is when I say he's no hurt feelings over the matter. Perhaps the matter wasn't resolved in the manner you felt it should, but it was long ago and, the only people who take notice of others pounding their fist -VICTIM - year after year are ones who can't see how easy it is to manipulate story’s to sound true when it's half true at best.

Why is it so important to rage over something that happened 8 years ago? Did your person or property get harmed in some manner? I heard some 7 months prior to the incident you had sent RSB a beautiful San Pedro plant just to share how proud you were of it, and that you called them a couple times wanting them to buy from you, Phil said you sounded like one speeding and wondered if you were taking something or just very hyper.

And you had purchased several times prior, so I don’t understand, if all that’s true then… Phil’s by no means a compulsive liar, so yes I don’t get your point. I know Phil will never write any rebuttal to your monolog, because it's not the kind of person he is.

I can't comment on your very long monolog raging about the injustice, but after all was said and done the only thing I heard got hurt was your feelings, and that's something that could still change if you valued it, or maybe you already do and the RSB post is just a dead axe.

My vipassana meditation teacher once pointed out that some people are so full of anger it shows in everything they do, and at a certain age it starts to even change the appearance of their bodies (they become ugly) - Life is precious - it's not worth all that. Be well, I pray for you.
I bought 500 but you're sending meonly 216...?
(below) here is my page explaining this...

Another unhappy customer of RSB

From: "PETER JONES" / SANCLANDSCAPE@msn.com Subject: Rivers Source / Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2007

Quickly, Loved your review on Rivers source... I had the same EXACT gripe months ago with this guy. ...I could show you the exact problems...Pathetic. And that weight thing.... I Got the same response/ run around. Whatever...my wife had finally done away with all the miserable plants. I had them sort of tucked out of eyesight so I didn't have to look at them. She was the one trying pointlessly to bring them around. I gave up trying to get money back. And that weight thing.... don't even get me started! The plants where exactly like the ones in your photos....twisted, Pathetic.

Verne's response:
Don Filipe, a person claiming to be a friend of River's Source Botanicals, sent this email  to blame me for the problem (?!), deny it really happened(?!), to insult me, and to lay on a guilt trip about my lack of spiritual consciousness.

Back in 2005—2006 I ordered seedlings from River's Source Botanicals
At first I ordered 100 (little ones about half the size of your pinky finger) and it went OK. But the next order of 100 had many sickly plants. One of my eBay customers, Peter Jones, emailed to say the same thing happened to him (see his letter above).

Then River's Source (this guy named Phil) offered an "end of season sale" — 500 seedling for $482 including shipping. Well, I thought I'd try again — but instead had a worse experience because Phil shipped only 216 seedlings instead of the 500. What the...?! He didn't have enough to fill the order, and emailed asking if I'd accept a substitution for another variety. He tried to sell me on the different ones but I replied "No"—I wanted the Peruvian Torch seedlings.

Instead of telling me he was out of stock he kept my money and shipped 1/2 the amount ordered.  But he didn't charge me 1/2 —he kept all my money and shipped 216 little seedlings instead of 500!

When the order arrived I was shocked; it was less than half what I purchased
I repacked it immediately, (after photographing the evidence) then drove straight to the Post Office to Priority Mail it back to River's Source. But I never received a refund. River's Source simply kept my money!

I had to file a dispute with my credit card company
They investigated; seeing that I had proof of shipping it back, had photos of the 1/2 order, an invoice charging for 500 with a letter saying that 216 was all he had. My credit card company forced the merchant to refund the sale since it had been returned.

Now, 7 years later, Don Filipe reopened this old wound by blaming me for the problem, denying it happened, and trying to lay a guilt trip related to my lack of spiritual consciousness, etc.

I documented what Riversource did as a review of a vendor — a public service we call "feedback."  Don Filipe is a third party with only hearsay knowledge told to him by his "friend." Yeah, the friend who sent 1/2 of what I bought and then would not refund.

The River's Source Botanicals incident is public feedback; not an ongoing "rage" as Filipe insultingly states

I forgot about this mess long ago. My website has pages going back 10 years; I don't obsess over anything in the past. Feedback is essential—fundamental to eBay, Amazon.com, etc. That is why I publish what comes in to my email address as information to share with the community. I even put the negative things in the Forum, too. It keeps me honest.

Truthfully yours,


PS the part in Don's letter about me calling River's Source trying to sell them something —  is totally weird. I never called them.
(below) Don Filipe said "My vipassana meditation teacher pointed out that some people are so full of anger it shows in everything they do, and at a certain age it starts to even change the appearance of their bodies (they become ugly)"...

Despite how much Don dislikes me, I still have beautiful dogs to share with the world. Tyler (in back) is a 120 lb German Shepherd Registered Service Dog, Millie is a pedigreed rough Collie Psychiatric Service Dog, Collie (laying down) is also a pedigreed Rough Collie and a Therapy Dog.
But none of my dogs has a vipassana meditation teacher like Don Filipe does. What a shame!

On a happier note...
Here is my newest Rough Collie, Millie, I rescued her in early April. It is incredible anyone would let go of such an amazing dog. She is a pure bred Rough Collie. The loyalty, sweetness, obedience, and joyful nature of the collie are such that breeders don't want the public to own them; and Millie is a perfect example why. Her people dumped her when they moved to Vail, Colorado—she was turned in to the Animal Shelter. Unbeliveble.

Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 / I just bought one of your cacti, thanks! / From: Billy B <..........@gmail.com>

Hello there! my name is william. i just bought your peruvian torch listing of Peruvianus, wild andes. 2 tips growing as offsets on base column. 22" tall, 19 lbs in pot with soil. $84.95 plus $12.95 FedEx Ground shipping...anyway, i could not be more happy with what i see from its one picture. for just under 100 dollars it is better than any ebay "peruvian torch" which are so muddled in genetics and breeding i would not want them near my other trichocereus cacti. I have been in search of good genetic stock of peruvian torch for months now. all i find is cuttings and never rooted plants, much less ones sent still in soil like yours.

Just know that this cactus is going to a loving home and joining other cacti in a collection of over 50 genus of cacti and many more species of cacti within the same genus. total i care for over 150 cacti.

i have a deep love for Ariocarpus cacti and have 6 different species of it which are not hybrids(though i want to do my own hybrids eventually) and i need to collect more. I am looking for a good seller of these cacti. most of what i can find costs 50 dollars or more for the older cacti. Personally i am looking more for 2-5 year olds which are a bit cheaper but anything is welcome as i know of very few sellers who carry ariocarpus.

thanks for reading this long message. have a nice day
Thank you. Verne

Will post more items later as time allows. Verne October 14, 2014

(below) Whoa! I'm back on Earth again as a lamb! That was a weird way to land sliding out mom's butt...


Need to catch up with these posts from the beginning of 2014....
"do you happen to have any monstrose specimens"
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2014 / From: "V. Kotlyar" <diaphanous@cox.net>

Hello, I'm interested in purchasing a Trichocereus bridgesii cutting. Along with regular bridgesii, do you happen to have any monstrose specimens available? Also, I was wondering if you happen to have any T. pachanoi cristata specimens? Thanks, Vadim
"I admire your passion for the plants"  
January 6, 2014

Dear zircon6, Hi! I was looking through your cacti (listed on Ebay and those on your website SacredCactus) and they are beautiful!

Unfortunately I live in a small apartment already brimming with cacti sprouts, cuttings and seedlings and space is at a premium. Do you have any smaller cacti/ seedlings you would be willing to sell?

I admire your passion for the plants and I hope some day I will be able to find a patch of land of my own to grow cacti and the like to my hearts desire. Currently being in college Im strapped for space and time but I love cultivating cacti all the same.

Thank you for your help!! Sincerely, Jessica Mandula

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