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Checking on the 2008 crop of cuttings
Hey Dustball!
You've done a wonderful job of protecting the 2007 rooted cuttings. Let's go over to the rooting house to check up on the 2008 crop.
The Rooting House
"Wow! these look good" Verne thought to himself.
Checking for root buds
All right, there you go. That's the right idea--push out those root buds to search for water.

I better start misting you with water in the evening to encourage fine root growth.
Bridgesii cuttings
Oh, don't you guys look nice.
Old, short fatties.
Lots of roots
These were the first ones planted. They had been painted with Clonex back in January, then potted in late March.

These cuttings were ahead of the others with heavy root bud development. They would need regular light watering to stimulate fine root formation.
Trichocereus Spachianus is used for permanent grafting stock. They are a nice variety growing 4 to 6 feet tall easily in a container. Once you have a large cluster they can be used each year to provide donors to root into individual plants.
Even cuttings sometimes flower
When you gotta flower, you gotta flower; even if you've been cut off your cactus column and stuck in a pot of dirt.

These spachianus are flowering in synchronization with all the others of that type.

See those black fuzzy balls? Those are the hairy signature of the Trichocereus tribe.
Trichocereus means "hairy"
The person who dumped them into the "Echinopsis" group was an idiot. These plants will always be "hairy", and the Greek word for that will always be  "Tricho" cereus.

Click for larger image with details
Little cuties!
Oh, you're going to be so handsome when you have roots.
Hey big guys
You look good. What say I pull the white tarp roof and replace it with 30% shade netting? Then you could receive a lot more light to stimulate faster growth.

Dustball and I can get to that next week. Hang in there.
Nice, nice. Keep up the good work.
Class of 2007 retards
These guys didn't root last year. So I painted them with Clonex rooting gel, let it dry a few days, then repotted in fresh soil mix.

Hopefully most will graduate this year, a few may attend college, but most will have to get a job.
Vibrant Bridgesii
Oh, you guys make my day!
Back in the Growing House
Verne saw Dustball was still there. "Dustball! I missed you in the Rooting House. Why didn't you follow me over there?" asked Verne.

"Meow-no-ow, the tables are so full there is no room for me to jump up on" replied Dustball.

"Oh!" said Verne. "That's a good point."


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