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January 2018 - Sales of San Pedro Cactus all year round...
san pedro cactus sales, trichocereus pachanoi, bridgesii

San Pedro Cactus - Trichocereus pachanoi
January, 2018 - Weights are generously more than stated.  Because Kate was always a generous soul
San Pedro cactus, trichocereus pachanoi
san pedro cactus, cuttings
Cactus Kate® San Pedro cactus cuttings, freshly harvested tips. Sold as 7, 10, & 20 lb size orders. Literature included. UPC 862249000018

January, 2018
We offer fresh Bridgesii cuttings

Trichocereus bridgesii have sharp spines that we do not remove. Each cutting is protected in a tube like wrap of corrugated paper.

All cuttings are fresh - shipped within days of harvesting. They stay viable as propagation cuttings for months.

No fungicides, pesticides or other harmful chemicals are ever required because these hardy plants simply do not need man's "chemical" assistance.

Cactus Kate® Peruvian Torch cuttings 
Request your choice: KK242, Glaucus, Spikey, or short spine peruvianus
peruvian torch
Cactus Kate Peruvian Torch cuttings, Trichocereus peruvianus, (variations shown include glaucus, and Peruvian seed grown types). Freshly harvested. Available in 10, 20, and 30 lb orders. Propagation literature included. Photos show typical tips available (mostly) year round for sale. Propagation literature is always included; but rooting cuttings requires skill, experience, and patience. See also: How to root wintering cuttings.
"Is this a real Pachanoi? Or a pachanot?  Am I suffering Pachanoia?
Pachanoia — Troutnot, the story of Trout's "PC" pach-a-nonsense 
See the 2,500 year old Chavin Indian stone carving? That is what San Pedro Cactus was (Trichocereus pachanoi) before the Internet came along - creating a virtual ocean of strangers meeting in blogs to share their opinions and spread misinformation. More...  Trichocereus pachanoi & peruvianus manifest many physical variations depending on genetics, age, and growing conditions. I know what San Pedros are from decades of experience growing them outdoors into huge stands. The particular "armchair expert" comparing photos from anonymous sources in the US and Bolivia has an agenda to undermine American growers, ebay sellers, etc.

Yes, It's all my fault. I wrote a negative review ridiculing Trout's San Pedro book. He was so angry he set out to get even with me. Don't believe that statement? You can see for yourself because he posts on an Australian blog whining about me...showing that 10 years later his ego is still hurt. He's humiliated because I pointed out that his book displays a cover photo of what everyone sells as San Pedro. His attempts to discredit that well known Trichocereus pachanoi resulted in "friends" finding strange looking variations in other coutries such as Bolivia that he now claims are the "real San Pedro."

Trout now ignores the fact that pachanoi is pronounced "pah-CHAN-oi" because it was discovered in the Chan Chan Valley of Peru; NOT Bolivia. Chan Chan is the site of the worlds largest ancient mud brick ruins.  FYI, recently a botanist posted an essay brushing aside Trout's "PC" nonsense.  Trichocereus Pachanoi (photo) was, and still is, what its famous for - no matter what misinformation Trout's hurt ego dreams up. The things Trout and his "friends" say about me on the Australian blog are truly pathetic. Such activity proves my review 10 years ago was right on target. Check it out...
First, don't worry too much; 99.5% of winter shipped cacti get through OK.  But neither should you order when the USA is frozen in one of those dramatic blizzards.
Daily low temperatures above 26 degrees F are safe. Short dips to lower temps are OK as long as they are not sustained. Check the 5-day weather forecast in your region before ordering. We can do a shipping "Hold" until you feel it is safe to ship. Weather Map: http://www.weather.gov/forecasts/graphical/sectors/

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